BOSTON, Mass (April 19, 2021) – Popular Arizona teaching professional Erik Schjolberg is the latest to join the A.I.-powered PerfectMotion  platform that teaches golfers to groove better body motion with instant feedback and expert instruction on every swing. 

In addition to operating his own high-tech indoor studio, Schjolberg also teaches at both McCormick Ranch Golf Course in Scottsdale and at Quailwood Greens Golf Course near Prescott.

“Erik is a Titleist Performance Institute-certified pro who brings energy and passion to his golf instruction and will be a terrific asset to our team,” said PerfectMotion®founder and CEO Rich Kosowsky. “His goal with students is to help them understand what they are working on and why, and PerfectMotion is a perfect complement to achieving those deliverables.”

Eric Schjolberg

Having taught golf for more than 20 years, Schjolberg says he was sold on PerfectMotion after his very first experience using the app. “I love the technology that Rich and his team have created,” said Schjolberg. “It fits exactly with what I like to do as a coach. I strive to be on the forefront of technology and PerfectMotion® is as simple and innovative a technology platform as I have seen in quite some time.”

Golfers who want to maximize learning and accelerate their improvement may choose to work with Erik remotely in a uniquely personalized and effective way.  He recently started coaching a student across the country in Georgia using PerfectMotion. 

“I have subscribed to Erik’s PerfectMotion remote coaching monthly service and have made a lot of progress quickly,” according to John, an amateur golfer.  “I’m committed to improving my iron game and like the app because it provides me with instant feedback while generating data and insights for my coach. It’s so impressive how the app makes communication so easy, and I’ve already seen improvement with my swing, my scores and my PPI.”

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