Course is designed for ‘snackable learning’, each audio lesson is 3 minutes in length

Gary Player has long been considered golf’s global ambassador. He is also one of the great advocates for working on the mental game. 

Now, the nine-time major champion is bringing his decades of experience and championship mindset to the Imagine Golf app to help everyday players improve their thinking on and off the course.

With over 300,000 downloads and thousands of five star reviews, Imagine Golf has become one of the most popular tools available for golfers to improve their mindset.

Utilizing succinct audio lessons inspired by the best thinkers in the game’s history, Imagine Golf provides listeners a daily learning experience aimed at building confidence, instilling self-belief, and lowering scores. As a legend of the game, Gary Player joins the app to share his insights on how to think like a champion.

Player had this to say about the partnership.

“As I say in my Imagine Golf lessons, it’s the mind that wins golf tournaments. The team at Imagine Golf is focused on teaching the mental game tools and techniques that I used to visualize, play confidently, and frankly to win.”

Gary Player’s audio lessons are available to Imagine Golf subscribers during the 2021 Open Championship. Through July 17, Player will be taking over the popular Daily Drive series on the app. 

As the world’s oldest golf championship returns this Summer, Player, a three-time winner of the event, will be leading Imagine Golf’s daily mental game lessons. In those recordings, Player will provide subscribers with tips on facing adversity, keeping healthy, finding happiness, sharpening the mind, building confidence, course management, visualization, and patience.

At the conclusion of the Open Championship, Imagine Golf subscribers will have access to an even larger library of mental game lessons with Gary Player. Those will include additional stories and tips as well as a special session called “Think Like Gary Player” featuring his favorite motivational thoughts from an unforgettable career.

Imagine Golf founder Malcolm Scovil adds, “Gary Player is a golfing hero to me and millions of players around the globe. Having the opportunity to bring his experiences and expertise in the game to our subscribers is an incredible opportunity for us. 

“Imagine Golf was founded to help golfers improve their thinking on and off the course and now listeners can have a nine-time major winner serve as a mentor in their pocket. That’s pretty cool and we couldn’t be more proud to launch this partnership!”

Imagine Golf is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Listeners can download the app at no cost, but a monthly subscription is required to unlock the full range of mental game lessons and other exclusive content. 

To learn more about Imagine Golf, please visit


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