SAN ANTONIO, Texas (April 19, 2021) –  Terry Koehler is one of the golf industry’s most passionate and dedicated club designers with more than 40 years experience, designing wedges for stand-out brands such as Ben Hogan Golf, Eidolon Golf, and SCOR.  

After a brief retirement stint, Koehler launched his custom design signature wedge company, Edison Golf, in the Spring of 2020.

Bad timing one might think as COVID19 was shutting down the golf industry?  Not for Koehler, aka: The Wedge Guy, who was and is on a personal mission: to confront the decades of old school, traditional wedge design in the golf industry and boldly reinvent the golf wedge category with innovation to help the average golfer improve his short game and maximize his scoring performance around the greens, just like Tour pros do.

It was a welcomed challenge for Koehler, an obsessed, data-driven, self-proclaimed “stats junky,” who has studied and analyzed all the major wedge brands for years through robotic testing, along with surveying thousands of customers.  His quest was to scientifically prove and develop the most forgiving, accurate and longest-hitting wedges ever brought to market.  And his Edison Forged wedges are the solution.

“Over time, I kept seeing the same results over and over,” said Koehler.  “High launch. Inconsistent distance. Erratic spin. It kept me up at night.  No wonder most golfers are frustrated and resigned about improving their short games. That’s simply not a good recipe to grow the golf wedge business.”

One of Koehler’s earliest wedge innovations was his patented “Koehler Sole”, which has been proven in the hands of thousands of golfers for 30 years.  The Koehler Sole incorporates both a high and low bounce angle into the sole of each Edison Forged wedge.  

The main rear portion of the sole has a low bounce so it can handle tight lies, firm turf and shallow swing paths, while the leading portion of the sole has a high bounce so that same wedge can handle softer lies and steeper swings.  It was recently disclosed that the greatest player in the modern game grinds his personal wedges in much the same way.

At its very core, any club’s forgiveness and distance control is all about the “smash factor.”  Robotic testing proves that traditional ‘tour design’ wedges are much less forgiving than even tour blade irons.  That’s because the smash factor changes by 15-20% or more as impact moves just a half-inch from the sweet spot.

Edison Forged wedges distribute the mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead — both top-to-bottom and heel-to-toe — in order to deliver a more efficient impact on those shots missed high on the face or toward the toe.

Success is in the numbers.  Edison Forged wedges deliver up to 58% tighter long and short dispersion, and up to 26% more spin than other mainstream wedges.  Edison Golf’s vertical and horizontal weighting technology allows golfers to hit more penetrating trajectories and “stick it” on the green – something average golfers struggle with and dream to do just like the pros.

“Traditional ‘tour designs’ don’t benefit the vast majority of golfers; they are the most fickle clubs in your bag”, explains Koehler.  “A half-inch miss can be up to 52 feet short. We’ve carefully studied the impact pattern of recreational golfers and by positioning more mass behind the ball, Edison Forged wedges scientifically turn your ‘not-so-good’ shots into better ones and that’s fun.”

Another unique innovation is Edison Golf’s proprietary WedgeFit Scoring Range Analysis.  WedgeFit dives into each golfer’s strengths and weaknesses in their scoring range performance to provide the best custom fit for the specific needs and improvements each golfer is seeking in their short game. 

“I don’t do what the major brands do.  Because I care more about the average golfer than tour players,” said Koehler. “I created Edison Forged wedges to help the average golfer play better and feel more confident about their short game. We’ll even build you a custom demo with your choice of loft and shaft to show you the difference the Edison Forged wedges can make in your scoring range performance.  If you don’t like it, we’ll buy it back.”

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