WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – GolfTrainingAids.com, home of the world’s largest selection of quality golf teaching and training aids, has released an all-new version of the timeless and popular Power SwingFan. 

Used extensively by renowned golf instructor Dr. Gary Wiren, the Power SwingFan is one of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control because it quickly produces maximum resistance at impact. Resembling a golf club with four fins on the end, it works using air resistance – generating maximum resistance as you swing through impact. 

“The Power SwingFan was always a popular product, but we knew we could make it even better, so we collaborated with 30-time World Long Drive champion Maurice Allen, who was already a big advocate and longtime user of the Power SwingFan,” says John Diulus, president of GolfTrainingAids.com. 

“We made both aesthetic and functional changes to improve the product, we added new resistant fins, and changed to a tour quality grip. The new grip includes a counterbalance weight system, and you can interchange weights on the grip to go from two to twenty grams to change how the SwingFan feels when training with it.” 

The beauty of this training aid is how easy and intuitive it is to use. Which is why many golfers have trusted the Power SwingFan to help create lag in their golf swing. “This is probably the best product available to do just that,” says Diulus. “As an exercise tool, it helps you to build the core muscles that you use in the golf swing, and from a swing analysis, it helps you optimize lag in your golf swing which is critical.”

The Power SwingFan is a multi-functional training and warm-up device. While the primary function of the SwingFan is to build golf specific muscles, you can swing it on ‘non-training’ days just to retain the swing sequence (hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, club) without fatiguing yourself. 

“While you wouldn’t want to swing it 100 times before playing, it would be fine to swing it at 50- to 60-percent effort just to get the feeling of engaging your core while maintaining a smooth swing tempo,” says Diulus.

To boost the product’s re-launch, Allen will promote the Power SwingFan and continue to use the product as part of his everyday workout. “You really want to train the swinging muscles,” Allen says. “And that’s exactly what the Power SwingFan does. It’s helping the obliques. It’s helping everything on the posterior chain. It’s helping the grip strength. It’s helping the forearms. It’s helping the hands. It shows you if you’re casting. 

“A lot of times when you get into these weighted devices, you end up having bad form and bad technique. And this one does not do that – it promotes continuing down the proper path of the correct golf swing.”

Allen is sharing his daily workout routine with every golfer who buys the all-new Power SwingFan. “Every golfer can benefit,” says Diulus. “Anybody can use the Power SwingFan effectively, right out of the box. There are no complicated instructions. It’ll help high-handicap golfers as well as low-handicap players, and Maurice’s training tips will make it even more useful to you. There’s no learning curve with it. You just pick it up and start. It’s very self-explanatory and you get almost immediate results.”

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