Turnkey sales, design, consultation, and installation of top simulator brands gives consumers and businesses a new level of entertainment and game improvement

TOLEDO, Ohio – Ace Indoor Golf, the industry’s foremost builder, designer and installer of golf simulator hardware and technology, recently launched Gimme Simulators to be the leading turnkey sales and service solution for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience.

Gimme Simulators offers its clientele a stress-free, step-by-step process to purchasing, designing and installing the ultimate year-round golf experience — whether it’s for fun with the buddies, practice and game improvement or enhancing entertainment venues — for their home or business.

In addition to 20-plus combined years of unsurpassed best practices and industry expertise designing and installing simulator experiences, Gimme Simulators also provides best-in-class custom-built screens, enclosures, hitting mats and accessories for the golf business’s top simulator brands, retailers and teaching, fitting and entertainment companies.

“When someone purchases a golf simulator, they need to trust that it’s going to be expertly installed and that the design optimizes their use and enjoyment of the installation,” says co-founder Joe Neumeyer. “Having installed more than 1,000 simulators in both the commercial and residential markets and being the manufacturers of the industry standards in impact screens and simulator enclosures, that trust comes standard with every purchase made with Gimme Simulators.”

Already manufacturers of the hardware and enclosure design of Foresight Sports Sim-in-a-Box and the industry’s highest-quality screens (front and back), foam pads, carpet pads and skin tops for simulators, Ace Indoor Golf offers its hard-earned innovations to the public by establishing Gimme Simulators as an official seller and dealer of top-brand golf simulator packages and launch monitors along with the hardware, design and installation know-how trusted by leading retailers like PGA TOUR Superstore and upscale entertainment venues, like Five Iron Golf. 

With steady-to-booming demand for commercial and residential simulator and launch monitor installs, Neumeyer thinks the timing is ideal for the company to emerge from behind the scenes and give consumers a dependable dealer who works with customers at every phase of the buying experience: from the consultation, sale, design, installation and even service of the simulator hardware and housing.

“We’ve seen everything that can go right or wrong in the process of installing a simulator and we’ve developed practices and expertise so we easily design and build the best product for the given space and customer,” he adds. “Whether for a home, business, entertainment venue, or golf/resort facility, our team can walk in and identify quickly the best area and way to build out your simulator to maximize your enjoyment at every level.”

While Gimme Simulators can install any simulator or launch monitor brand, current full-service simulator packages on GimmeSimulators.com include five elevations of the Sim-In-a-Box line from Foresight Sports, TruGolf’s Vista line and the SkyTrak Elite package.

For more information, visit https://www.gimmesimulators.com.




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