LIBERTY HILL, TX and DENVER, CO – Edel Golf has announced the opening of its new Headquarters, Assembly and Fitting Facility in Denver, Colorado. This move is part of a company expansion that will allow Edel to continue its growth worldwide.

The new Headquarters facility, located just North of downtown Denver, will give Edel more space to build out its assembly operations to react to the large growth over the past few years. 

It will also house a world-class fitting facility where golfers will be welcome to come in and get fit by David Edel and a team of other Master Fitters.

As part of the move, Edel will be transforming the existing facility in Liberty Hill, TX into a world-class fitting facility and machine shop named The Edel Machine Shop. 

Golfers in the greater Austin, Texas area will be able to come and get fit by our master fitters and get a peek behind the curtains into our Machine Shop that will continue to be focused on prototyping and building out unique, limited quantity, Made in the USA golf products.

“With all the growth we’ve been experiencing over the past couple years, it’s great to be able to open up a new location and accommodate the growing demand with a bigger assembly facility,” said Chris Koske, Chief Marketing Officer. 

“Strategically, this will give us the opportunity to keep growing and bring our products to even more golfers worldwide. This move is a small step in our long term strategic plans that will continue to help set the brand apart from the competition.”

The new location will be located at 4930 Colorado Blvd in Denver, Colorado.

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