PEBBLE BEACH, California (March 9, 2021) — Youth on Course,  the non-profit organization dedicated to opening doors, supporting dreams and transforming the lives of young people through opportunities on and off the golf course, has partnered with United Golfers Association (UGA) to broaden awareness of the sport among communities of color.

Committed to making the game more appealing, inclusive and accessible to nurture the next generation of lifelong players and lovers of the game, the partnership will grant all UGA junior members a Youth on Course membership that provides the opportunity to play rounds of golf for $5 or less at more than 1,400 courses nationwide along with access to GolfPass’ library of over 4,000 instructional videos and the perks of booking YOC rounds online with GolfNow. 

Members also benefit from career opportunities through Youth on Course’s caddie and internship programs and college scholarships.

“We recognize that providing access to play golf affordably and opening doors of opportunity are important vehicles in creating a more inclusive space for young people of color, from the first time a kid steps foot on a course, to teeing it up against the world’s best,” says Michael Lowe, vice president of programs for Youth on Course. 

“Had the UGA not been created in 1925, the lack of diversity we see in golf today would be even greater, so we are thankful for UGA members and supporters, past, present and future, and are honored to be working collaboratively to make meaningful change.”

“We’re working to increase the diversity throughout the sport with more Black junior golfers nationwide, and a key part of that strategy is fostering relationships with mission-driven organizations that have established platforms like Youth on Course. This is a game-changer for our youth,” says Tarek “Ty” DeLavallade, executive director of UGA, 

“Accessibility and affordability have always been an issue for underserved youth in most urban communities. Together with Youth on Course, which has built a community of more than 100,000 junior golfers, we will get this done at a rate much faster than expected. We will work to diversify this sport today so that we can inspire and usher in our new generation of golfers for tomorrow. This is how we change golf.”

Juniors nationwide ages 6-18 may sign up for a Youth on Course membership at

Fueling the golf industry, Youth on Course subsidizes rounds for its members and puts money back into allied golf associations and individual courses. The organization’s structure helps golf courses fill typically unused tee times and garner additional revenue with more than 40% of members playing with paying adults. 

The amount reimbursed back to participating courses has almost doubled in the past year, reaching close to $2.8 million last year alone and totaling nearly $8 million dating back to 2005.


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