Vehicles can increase pace of play up to 35 percent

Vantage Tag Systems a wholly owned subsidiary of DSG Global is pleased to announce the debut of the revolutionary SR-1 single rider fleet cart at the PGA Show in Orlando from Jan. 24-27. The SR-1 will be unveiled at Booth 3433.

The excitement is building as the PGA Show approaches and Vantage Tag Systems debuts the SR-1 Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV) single rider for golf courses, golf communities, and a multitude of other applications. A personal transporter is a low-speed, electric-powered vehicle that can transport one or two persons over short distances. 

According to Stellar Market Research the market is expected to reach $78.71 Billion in 2027 from $48.51 Billion. in 2021 at CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period.

The market is being driven by an awareness shift to more environmentally friendly vehicles, more and more favorable legislative incentives from cities and municipalities, and technology advances such as lithium batteries which have much longer range. 

There are a significant number of industries now adopting PTV’s for a variety of applications such as delivery vehicles.

Pace of play (POP) is the critical lifeblood of a golf course operation. During the pandemic operators were forced to limit cart occupancy to a single golfer. The result was golfers could go directly to their ball rather than having to go to their playing partners ball either before or after their shot, netting an increase in the POP up to 35%. 

This allowed operators to generate more rounds and revenue, it was also a more enjoyable experience for the golf consumer.

Visually stunning, with low center of gravity and tight turning radius the SR-1 is a blast to drive. It also weighs less than a traditional golf cart reducing wear and tear on the course.

The SR-1 is packed with innovations that enhance the golfer experience such as integrated GPS Fleet Management System, unique steering wheel HD display, Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable seat for comfort and ease of access and many more. Scan the QR code below to see a list of SR-1 features.

The innovation continues with the SR-1 business model which allows operators to immediately start generating revenue under a true revenue share arrangement where the course operator is charged a percentage of the rental fee on a 3-year agreement. Of course, the SR-1 can also be purchased outright or leased. At the end of the 3-year term the fleet will be replaced with brand new SR-1 carts.

Operators can also take advantage of the programmatic advertising capabilities of the integrated GPS Fleet Management System and “wrap” the SR-1 for sponsorship opportunities with suppliers.

“In all my years in the golf business I have never seen such a complete package that impacts the burning issue of pace of play, enhances the golfer experience, and a business model that generates revenue without a major capital expenditure.” said Bob Silzer, CEO. “It will have a significant influence on the way courses operate.” added Silzer.

The SR-1 will be unveiled at Booth 3433 at the PGA Show in Orlando on Jan. 24-27 along with the new Vantage V-Club integrated GPS Fleet Cart and Shelby line up of consumer and resort community carts and e-bikes.


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