Legendary wedge maker now in Rockport

ROCKPORT, Texas (Aug. 2, 2021) – Texas’ own premium custom wedge company, Edison Golf, recently moved its complete company headquarters to the scenic Texas Gulf Coast city of Rockport, further strengthening its Lone Star ties for the iconic native Texas golf company.

All design, assembly and shipping operations have now moved into the new modern facilities for the ground-breaking Edison Forged wedges. Edison Chairman & Director of Innovation Terry Koehler has been designing wedges for more than 30 years and formerly led the return of the iconic Ben Hogan brand to the golf equipment industry. 

“I felt it was very important to have our entire company in one location as we continue to improve and push the design envelope of high-performance custom wedge design, said Koehler, who led the formation of Edison Golf Company in early 2018.  “Rockport has been on my radar screen for a long time for so many reasons.

“We’ve experienced a steadily increasing demand and acceptance of our Edison Forged Wedges and 2021 is outpacing all our forecasts. Now with all operations in one place, it will be even more streamlined for consumers to view and select their wedges on-line and test them on their own course,” he added.  “We are no able to build and ship almost all orders within 3-4 working days, the best in the industry.”

Koehler is certainly not new at this, as he has been challenging “conventional wisdom” about wedge design for over 30 years.  His early designs for Reid Lockhart had a thicker upper half of the clubhead than any wedges before or since, and his EIDOLON wedges were the first to incorporate CNC-milled grooves into production wedges. 

His SCOR wedges in 2010 were the first to introduce progressive weighting in wedges, with an even higher distribution of mass, and his TK15 wedges for Ben Hogan continued that path.   

Koehler says robotic testing of the Edison Forged wedges prove them to be his best work ever, and dramatically raise the bar for wedge performance.

Last year, Edison pioneered an industry first Custom Demo Program, where golfers can have Edison build a custom wedge to try on their own course, hitting the shots they face every round.   If the golfers is not satisfied with the on-course trial, they can return the wedge for a full refund

Koehler’s work and decades of experience has been featured in hundreds of radio interviews, podcast and articles. He’s writes a weekly blog as “The Wedge Guy” on GolfWRX.com and is a frequently sought after expert on continual golf club innovation.

The Edison Forged wedges are custom-crafted for each golfer, and are available with a wide range of shafts and grip options through the company’s website at www.EdisonWedges.com

The Edison WedgeFit online fitting analysis helps golfers determine exactly what set make-up of Edison Forged wedges are right for their individual games.
Edison Golf Company was formed in early 2018 to provide a platform for development of the Edison Forged wedges.  Several rounds of prototypes were subjected to multiple rounds of independent robotic testing and live golfer reviews to prove every claim the company makes about them.  

All Edison Forged wedges will be custom-built to order for each customer, from the Company’s assembly and shipping operations center in Rockport.




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