SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Aug. 3, 2020) – Texas-based Edison Golf Company has announced an industry-first “Custom Demo Offer”.  Under this program, the Company will build golfers their very own custom set of Edison Forged wedges to try. 

Golfers can pick the actual lofts, shafts, and even custom specs for length and lie angle to get the exact wedges in their bag that they should be playing.

If, after enough rounds to give these custom demos a full evaluation, the customer isn’t convinced that they’re the right clubs for them, Edison Golf will take them back and issue a full refund.

“It is impossible to accurately evaluate wedges on the range or in a hitting bay,” explains Terry Koehler, Chairman and Director of Innovation for Edison Golf.  “And what good does it do to demo wedges that are not what you are going to buy?  To know whether they work for you or not, you simply must take the actual wedges you want to the course you play and hit the shots you face every round.  If you do that with the Edison Forged wedges, we feel certain you will quickly appreciate this totally fresh approach to wedge engineering.”

Lone Star Golf Equipment Legend Terry Koehler has been designing wedges for over 30 years, and he has put all the top brands of ‘tour design’ wedges through repeated batteries of robotic testing.  Edison Golf Company is founded on the scientific proof that poor distance control, insufficient spin and excessively high ball flight are built into every ‘tour design’ wedge in the industry today.

“I’ve been testing wedges on Iron Byron for nearly 25 years,” explains Koehler.  “And I keep seeing the same things over and over and over.  The challenges that most golfers tell me they have are actually ‘built in’ to the traditional design of wedges.  I have the data to prove it.”

Koehler is certainly not new at this, as he has been challenging “conventional wisdom” about wedge design for over 30 years.  His early designs for Reid Lockhart had a thicker upper half of the clubhead than any wedges before or since, and his EIDOLON wedges were the first to incorporate CNC-milled grooves into production wedges. 

His design of the SCOR wedges of 2010 was the first to introduce progressive weighting in wedges, with an even higher distribution of mass, and his TK15 wedges for Ben Hogan continued that path.    
But Koehler says the Edison Forged wedges are his best work ever, and dramatically raise the bar for wedge performance.

“History proves that superior performance will always win the day,” says Koehler.  “The Ping Anser, TaylorMade Tour Preferred, Big Bertha, cavity-back irons, graphite shafts, big mallet putters . . . the list goes on and on.  The question I’ve been asking for 30 years is this: ‘Why have wedges seen nothing more exciting than tweaked grooves and a baffling array of sole designs…not even one design revolution?’  It’s long overdue.”

The Edison Forged wedges are custom-crafted for each golfer, and are available with a wide range of shafts and grip options through the company’s website at

The Edison WedgeFit online fitting analysis helps golfers determine exactly what set make-up of Edison Forged wedges are right for their individual games.  The Edison Forged wedges retail for $179 with KBS Tour steel shafts, $194 with KBS Tour Graphite shafts; premium GolfPride MCC+4 grips are standard. 

Very simply, the Edison Forged wedges were designed to improve scoring range performance for golfers of all skill levels,” proclaims Koehler.  “No other wedges come close to these in bringing forgiveness to a category not known for it.”


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