The app offers personalized golf instruction in the time of COVID

NEW YORK, New York (Aug. 3, 2020) – Introducing Sparrow, an app that uses A.I. technology to elevate your golf game with real-time swing analysis. Sparrow works the same way a golf lesson would as it teaches you how to make adjustments so you can work towards perfecting your form.

By simply opening the app and recording yourself at the driving range, on the golf course, or even in your backyard, Sparrow will analyze your swing in real-time thanks to its A.I. training.

The Sparrow A.I. makes immediate suggestions on what to improve through visual cues. Matching your form with best-in-class swings of golf pros, Sparrow shows you a direct comparison and provides personally relevant feedback for you to improve each aspect of your swing. With the Sparrow app, you can also record a series of swings in a single video for instant analysis on multiple points of performance such as stance, takeaway, follow through, and point of impact. 

Joe Chin, serial entrepreneur, former rocket scientist, and Columbia football alumni, founded Sparrow a little over 2 years ago. He partnered with Sam Pigott, a state champion golfer and designer/developer of over 100 apps (5 exits, $200 mil raised with 100 million+ users, bought/funded by Time, Twitter, Google), and Dr. Todd Eaglin, A.I. and Computer Vision expert/PhD who in the past has developed A.I. apps for Lowes, Universal Studios, and T1B (used by doctors during surgery). 

“Sparrow is a safe way to play golf during ‘the new COVID normal,’” Chin said. “The user receives instructions without a trainer; swing analysis can be done at-home/anywhere; and the app can be used while social distancing. The rising popularity of golf as a leisure activity during COVID for both players and newcomers affords more people the opportunity to become golfers by learning the game with just their phone. 

“Sparrow is breaking down barriers to help people achieve high level results at any level of play. The revolution of athletic instruction using A.I. aggregates millions of data points from top golfers, and provides specialized user feedback.”

Sparrow is the future of golf improvement. It’s coming to the public at the perfect time, with COVID-19 limiting golf lessons and indoor training centers. Sparrow empowers its users to be able to enjoy and improve their golf game in the backyard while quarantined or when social distancing at the driving range or on the golf course. 

The app offers personalized golf instruction, which was previously accessible only with a large investment of money and time. Sometimes golf feedback and tips from people aren’t personally relevant or don’t stick, whereas Sparrow’s A.I. represents a culmination of all the best-practices of golf.

Want to be one of the first to test out Sparrow and get personalized swing analysis? Head to to sign up for the alpha program.  


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