Second Chance Ltd, an industry leader in connected sports technology distribution, proudly boasts its successful distribution partnership with Blast Motion. This partnership recently gained further significance as Blast Motion announced they will be powering Wilson’s first-of-its-kind technology, Wilson Fit AI, marking a new chapter in golf club fitting.

Blast Motion, acclaimed for its state-of-the-art motion analysis technology, has joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. to unveil Wilson Fit AI. This innovative technology is a game-changer in golf custom fitting, merging Wilson’s advanced black box algorithm with the exceptional motion analysis technology from Blast Motion. The result is a fitting process that is both efficient and engaging, tailored to enhance the skills of golfers at all levels.

Second Chance Ltd have been providing Blast Golf via their distribution network to green grass and retail accounts across the EMEA since October 2021, allowing amateur golfers and coaches to access the data that Blast Motion provides to improve their golf and services affordably.

The Blast Golf improvement solution is powered by 325 million+ swings and is trusted by tour pros, colleges, and golf instructors around the world for its simplicity, accuracy, and ease of use. It’s designed to help you improve your game by providing real-time swing & stroke insights designed to help you improve timing, tempo, speed, face rotation, with recommendations that will put you on the fast track to lower scores.

“Our ongoing partnership with Blast Motion, especially during their exciting collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co., reinforces our commitment to delivering industry-leading connected golf technology,” said Patrick Daniels, Managing Director, Second Chance Ltd.

As the golf industry continues to embrace technological advancements, Second Chance play a vital role in introducing these innovations to the UK and EMEA market.

You can learn more about the Blast Motion & Wilson partnership via


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