Secret Golf takes online golf instruction to a new level with Tour professionals sharing real life experiences

HOUSTON (April 23, 2018) – There are over 24 million golfers in the Unites States, 9 million whom are considered avid golfers. These golfers are awash in instruction ranging from books, DVD’s, printed magazines, websites and smartphone apps presenting them with a fundamental challenge – “How to I find what I need to learn and how do I know of it’s any good?”

The transformation of the golf media landscape and the emergence of new technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and sophisticated online video management and delivery systems are enabling a transformation in golf instruction that addresses the fundamental challenge of finding authoritative and personalized instructional content that helps golfers get better.

“Secret Golf is a platform that is ahead of where everyone else is, and it is the way all education and content is going to go in the future,” said Secret Golf board member Russell Glass, the founder of Bizo, which was sold to LinkedIn for $175 million in 2014, and is currently head of marketing products at LinkedIn.  “If you are learning something, why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best?  And why wouldn’t you want your content to be completely personalized to your specific needs?”

The shift from the legacy professional Tour player television and advertising media business to online media is changing the golf instruction landscape. In the past, the majority of the instructional content was created by professional golf instructors and self-proclaimed experts with Tour players only contributing content on a limited basis. Today, however, in the online media world Tour players can share their knowledge directly to consumers on a scale never seen before.

“In the old days, it was a struggle to find good golf instruction,” said Secret Golf founder Steve Elkington, who won 10 times on the PGA TOUR, including the 1995 PGA Championship as well as a pair of Players Championships.

“When I was a kid, I would look at magazine pictures of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf to try and copy what their backswing looked like. It has come so far that we can deliver the exact video you want and need for your game. I want the right video to land on the right player at the right time.”

The combination of big data (3D motion analysis, ball flight statistics and/or GPS and scoring data), predictive analytics and instructional videos from PGA & LPGA Tour players allows amateur golfers to have the right video for their game to be automatically delivered to their personal devices with the assurance the knowledge comes directly from the best players in the world.

In terms of a platform, it is sharing a professional golfer’s intellectual property.  In reality, it is making golfers at every level better.

Secret Golf (see is solving the challenge of helping golfers find authoritative online golf instruction related to their needs, with the solution coming from 26 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players who have been there, done that, had their pictures made with large checks and drank from trophies to celebrate a victory.

Secret Golf takes online golf instruction to a new level with Tour professionals sharing real life experiences with an emphasis on the key elements of the game, including; the grip, set up, backswing, downswing short game, putting and strategy for golfers of all skill levels to help them become proficient at the game they love.

Fans not only gain insight on how champion players think, but go inside their minds to gain awareness into the inner secrets and technique needed to produce stellar golf shots. World Golf Hall Fame member Jackie Burke proclaims, “If you don’t leave the putting green with more confidence than when you started with, you are practicing the wrong things.”

He then demonstrates simple drills to build keys to create confidence, some of which are the same concepts he worked on with high-level players or club members at his Champions Golf Club in Houston.

In the same putting series, you have LPGA major winner Stacy Lewis explain feel and visualization while Ryan Palmer of the PGA Tour shares a drill.

In essence, Secret Golf takes amateur golfers to the range at a Tour tournament to eavesdrop on highly-skilled players about their craft specifically on the topics that matter to them.

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