The Naples Grande Beach Resort was purchased by UK-based Henderson Park for a total of $248 million. The sale was broken down by parts, with Henderson Park paying $218.4 million for the hotel, $24.8 million for the golf course, and $.48 million for the tennis center. Henderson Park owns a multitude of hotels in Europe, but manages a US-based office in Radnor, Pa.

In 2013, the resort was purchased by another buyer, Northwood Hospitality, for $149 million. The value has increased by almost half, 49%, in that time span. The properties opened in 1988 and has changed ownership a handful of times in the intervening years, some with accompanying name changes as well. The current name came into being in late 2014.

The resort covers some 23 acres, with 395 rooms, 29 tower suites and 50 villas in the hotel, seven restaurants/bars, 12 spa rooms and three pools covering the expanse, plus the aforementioned 18-hole golf course and 15-court tennis center.

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