ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (January 12, 2015) — WhipGolf, LLC introduces its equipment for THROWING a golf ball around a golf course.  The “WhipGolf Revolution™” equipment will be publicly released at the PGA Merchandise Show on January 20-23, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Curt Evans is the CEO/Founder of WhipGolf, LLC, and the inventor of the patent pending equipment.  He remarked, “The WHIP is a lightweight golf shaft with a small, stylized throwing head, like a miniature lacrosse head.  With only a few throws, you’ll be amazed how far you can throw the ball and also how straight and accurate you can be.  It is almost hard to go back to golf once you’ve tried WhipGolf – people love it that much.”  Evans continued, “WhipGolf is a great, novel way to attract a new demographic to golf courses.  WhipGolf is easy to learn and it has the potential to do for the golf industry what snowboarding did for snow sports.  It really is that much fun, and both players and course owners love it.”

WhipGolf can be a cross-over adventure sport, and those who play lacrosse, hockey, baseball, softball, and golf will pick it up quickly.  In addition, The WHIP is the perfect piece of equipment for disabled athletes who want to try golf or return to playing.  Evans says, “WhipGolf, LLC is truly devoted to helping to provide groundbreaking equipment for disabled athletes.  The throwing motion is really intuitive, and athletes with limited mobility can play WhipGolf much easier than golf.  Nothing would please me more than a group of Wounded Warriors having fun playing WhipGolf.  I think there are some neat rehabilitation and full inclusion opportunities here, no matter the player.”

Others are taking notice, and Evans expects the WhipGolf Revolution™ to generate significant buzz at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show.  The World Golf Foundation, through its Golf20/20 program, has recognized the sport of “throw golf” as an Initiative capable of positively impacting the golf industry.  “There’s nothing like standing on a driving range and throwing a ball further than almost any golfer can hit it.  Way straighter and more consistent, too.  WhipGolf is a head-turner, for sure,” Evans remarked.

“Golf course owners are enthusiastic about new players, too.  To ensure WhipGolfers appreciate the tradition and etiquette of golf, it was important that we had good rules as well,” said Evans.  The Federation for International WhipGolf (FIWG) is the first governing body formed to grow the sport of throw golf and to produce and publish a complete, detailed set of rules.  The Federation for International WhipGolf has published “The Official Rules of WhipGolf” and they are available at


Mr. Curt Evans, a dad to four daughters and the CEO/Founder of WhipGolf, LLC, is an avid golfer and also a patent and trademark attorney who, over the last 20 years, has been involved in helping solve over $3 Billion of intellectual property disputes.  Mr. Evans was the first to invent and file a US Patent Application describing novel equipment used for the new throw golf game.  The US Patent Application Publication 2014-0144417 A1, is titled “Projectile And Throwing Apparatus And Game For Projectile Throwing.” The intellectual property is available for licensing, and other companies have already agreed to non-exclusive licenses to make equipment for throw golf.

 Press and Appearances

Mr. Evans is scheduling press and media appearances for the 2015 PGA Merchandise show.  The “WhipGolf Revolution™” can be seen in person, beginning with the Demo day on January 20, 2015.  The PGA Merchandise Show runs January 20-23, 2015.

Press and media inquiries may be directed to:
Curt Evans
(703) 598-9025



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