LINCOLN, Nebraska – Landscapes Golf Management has launched a portfolio-wide initiative to enhance its support of the Sticks for Kids donation program, providing easy access to hundreds of thousands of golfers.

Members and guests at Landscapes Golf Management-operated country clubs and golf courses simply trade in golf clubs they no longer use in the form of a tax-deductible donation to Sticks for Kids. In turn, the organization provides the country clubs and golf courses with kids’ sets of golf equipment and donations to junior golf programs to grow the sport in their local communities.

Sticks for Kids was established in 2007 by the Golf Course Builders Association of America and, through its foundation, serves underprivileged children ages five to 18 at more than 250 participating golf courses across America.

“Golf’s future largely relies on young boys and girls gaining interest in and sticking with the game of golf,” says Tom Everett, President of Landscapes Golf Management. “Providing them clubs without stretching parents’ wallets is one of the first barriers to overcome, and Sticks for Kids accomplishes this.”

In addition to providing golf clubs (and golf bags) to kids at Sticks for Kids locations, the program teaches the fundamentals of the game as well as life lessons, including etiquette, integrity, sportsmanship, safety and respect.

“Participation from companies like Landscapes Golf Management is critical,” says Justin Apel, Executive Director of the Golf Couse Builders Association of America. “Sticks for Kids fosters safe, friendly and personalized environments for youth learning, social discipline and growth.”

Billy Kubly, Chairman of Landscapes Unlimited, sister company to Landscapes Golf Management, is a Sticks for Kids Founding Board Member.

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