ATLANTA, Georgia (Dec. 2, 2020) – Ernest Sports is excited to announce the launch of the brand new ES PATRIOT 1, a fully self-sufficient and portable launch monitor built for the driving range. 

The only American-made launch monitor company is the first to make this solar powered unit with voice control capabilities built to enhance the driving range experience.

Ernest Sports believes the ES PATRIOT 1 will answer a wide variety of golfing needs with its cutting edge voice control capabilities and a personalized side panel for any range. This unit is revolutionary for the golf industry because of its accuracy, efficiency, and ability to be personalized.

With various data points, this unit will spur lessons, growth of the game, increase club sales, and record your players’ knowledge of their game. This brand new product is now available for purchase.

For more in-depth statistics, patrons can easily pair the unit to their smart device with the FREE Ernest Sports App to get features such as a skills challenge and instant audible feedback.

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