Luxury Experiences create memories of a lifetime for club members at Bucket List destinations 

AUSTIN, Texas (April 14, 2019) – PGA club professionals are among the most valued members of the golf industry and to Germany Golf, the innovative global golf travel company, the target audience for a rewarding program through which PGA professionals may provide memories of a lifetime for their club members.

With a goal to design the most comprehensive incentive program in the industry, Garmany Golf not only offers a 5 percent commission to PGA Professionals, but has introduced an array of benefits for their members and traveling guests that is unmatched within the industry. Among the new features are a specially created welcome party hosted by the PGA professional at the first destination, and a personalized gift.

“At Garmany Golf, we work closely with PGA professionals to create individual Guest preference profiles to share with our destination partners,” said Bud Garmany, President and Founder. “This allows us to deliver unforgettable elements of surprise, which is invaluable to our PGA partners in enriching their relationships with club members.”

The new Garmany Golf PGA Professional Incentive Program is an extension of Garmany Golf’s years of support of PGA professionals throughout the country. Recent examples include:

Staged at TopGolf Orlando during PGA Show week, the event awarded $5,000 overall prize money to 40 competing PGA professionals, with first-place finisher Greg Rubino, PGA, General Manager of Classic Club in Palm Desert, Calif., winning a Garmany Golf Bucket List Experience to Scotland.

The January event featured teams led by PGA professionals from around the country. Golf professional Jason Moss and his team representing Chicago’s Old Elm Club captured the championship, with each golfer receiving a Garmany Golf Bucket List Experience To Scotland, as well as appropriate weather gear for the destination. Each winner also took home a commemorative crystal wine decanter.

For more details on the Garmany Golf PGA Professional Incentive Program, contact Bill Hogan, Garmany Golf Vice President of Sales, at (831) 521-1336 or

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