Bunker liner specialist chosen among firms best placed for use in school play areas.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (Feb. 24, 2021) — Swedish-owned golf bunker liner specialist Capillary Concrete has been nominated as a finalist in an international competition to find sustainable and natural alternatives to artificial turf on school and preschool yards. 

Capillary Concrete has a complete base-system for artificial turf which completely contains any micro-plastic contaminations. 

Three finalists have been chosen by the competition, which is run by IVL, the Swedish Environmental Institute. As well as Capillary Concrete, these finalists come from Nordic Surface Sweden and Turfs.

“The three finalists were judged by the review group judged to have the greatest potential based on how they can contribute to reduced spread of microplastics,” said Lovisa Bengtsson, project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. “We have received great contributions and there are examples of both system and material solutions. 

“At the event, we also hope that many customers and decision-makers participate so that we can show that it is possible to choose sustainable solutions that are both adapted to modern play, and at the same time reduce the spread of microplastics in the environment,” 

The final will took place in front of a jury at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on Feb. 24. All three finalists will present their ideas to a jury, which will select a winner. 

“This is an important competition, and we’re proud to have been selected as a finalist,” said Capillary Concrete inventor and CEO Martin Sternberg. 




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