Brings adjustability to wedges that deliver 44% more accuracy

LIBERTY HILL, Texas (April 28, 2021) – Edel Golf is proud to announce the launch of a new wedge line that will revolutionize the way wedges are made, fit and played. The SMS (Swing Match System) Wedges feature three adjustable weights across the back of the sole that allow golfers to dial in the performance of the wedge by moving the weight to its best-performing position for their swing.

“We always strive to make players better and we’re able to do that because we start with the swing and innovate forward,” said David Edel, Founder of Edel Golf. “No golfers have the same exact swing, so why have wedges essentially been a one-size-fits-all scenario for so long? By adding Swing Match Weighting, golfers can adjust the wedge to their swing instead of vice versa.”

In our testing, only 20% of golfers saw their best performance with the heaviest weight in the center, meaning 80% of golfers will benefit from the ability to adjust the weight in their wedge to match their swing. 

When golfers found their preferred weight location, they saw 44% more accuracy down range in combined distance and offline dispersion. Players also saw roughly 10% more backspin with the heaviest weight in it’s preferred position.

“The opportunity to launch a category-defining innovation doesn’t come around often” said Chris Koske, VP of Sales and Marketing at Edel Golf. “When you’ve got a product that shows a demonstrable improvement in performance for every golfer that tries the wedge, it’s just a special moment in golf. ”

In addition to the weighting technology, the new SMS wedges feature a Forged 1025 Japanese carbon steel construction with an elongated groove pattern for more groove coverage across the face. The new CNC milled sole grinds allow for extremely tight tolerances in both weight and consistency of grind from wedge to wedge.

Golfers use their wedges in a variety of ways from full shots out of the fairways to a number of various face angles and swing types around the greens. Because of that, we’ve created four unique sole grinds to bring the ultimate playability and customization to these wedges.

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