ORLANDO, FL – Dragonfly Golf, the next generation of high-performance sports technology, is offering a special summer promotion of 30 percent off of its mobile 3D motion capture system packages. The promotion runs from now through July 31, 2021.

The Dragonfly Golf system is the next generation of high-performance sports technology that delivers a mobile 3D motion capture system, in-depth performance analysis and real-time feedback. 

The system enables remote coaching from anywhere in the world through a proprietary 18-sensor smart suit and digital player and coaching apps that offer golfers and coaches the benefits of 3D technology. It translates a host of previously invisible data into practical yet powerful insights via hundreds of performance metrics, 360-degree visibility and instant feedback via a smartphone.

“Our award-winning technology is a world’s first,” said David Stephens, CEO, Guided Knowledge. “It moves 3D motion capture training from the sports lab to the course to help golfers measure and understand their performance in real-world competitive environments and at a fraction of the cost of a 3D motion capture studio or other comparable technologies. In celebration of the start of the golf season, we are pleased to offer this special 30% discount for a limited time.”

The Dragonfly Golf System includes player and coach apps that are enabled by a comfortable 18-sensor base layer smart suit that makes the motion capture experience easy, repeatable, accurate and reliable. 

The suit allows golfers to have the freedom to play golf and practice without being tethered to a computer while capturing the entire human form in 3D, not just the upper body or limb segments.

Dragonfly Golf empowers golfers to play their best by training smarter, not harder. The system allows you to:

  • Measure your swing performance on the course or indoors
  • Enable your coach to coach and support you from any location
  • Quickly blueprint your swing to pinpoint your areas of development or consistency to speed up the learning curve.
  • Get instant, actionable feedback to inform purposeful practice.
  • Qualify and compare the “swing feel” v. reality to reinforce motor patterns and ultimately accelerate performance.
  • Share your swing data in real-time with your coach to collaborate anytime, anywhere.
  • Put the power of a state-of-the-art sports science motion capture studio in the palm of your hand to improve your golf game.

Dragonfly Golf currently offers a Player Package for the player who wants their own system to improve their game, while working with their own coach. A new Club Package will be released next month for a golf club, golf academy or head pro who wants to offer multiple customers a 3D lesson.

For more information, visit https://dragonflygolf.guidedknowledge.com/

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