ORLANDO, Florida (May 22, 2021) – Finding ways to help communities through the COVID-19 pandemic provided the impetus to launch ClubsHelp, a national network of golf and country clubs, early in 2020. Now, ClubsHelp, a 501(c)3 foundation, is expanding its mission to support more clubs, and more local communities, by growing its membership.

Currently, a core base of nearly 400 clubs comprises the network as the organization continues to raise funds that can help great causes in the communities in which clubs are located.

ClubsHelp soon will be rolling out a turn-key series of events for its member clubs, creating fun member events that in turn can raise exposure and funds for deserving local causes.

Over the past year, ClubsHelp has played a role in numerous positive initiatives, raising $1.2 million from donors and corporate partners.  The organization was able to provide hospitals and emergency healthcare networks with needed PPE and food supplies in the height of the pandemic, including front-line workers and hospitals from Long Island to Jupiter, Florida. 

Some contributions were small and simple, such as donating paper bags to hold masks for multiple uses or donating sandwiches to tireless front-line workers. Some initiatives were larger, such as participating in Seminole Golf Club’s $265,000 donation to Jupiter Medical Center.

This summer, on a test scale, ClubsHelp will debut an exciting national charitable golf competition in several regions around the country, with an aim to conduct the event nationally in 2022.  

ClubsHelp also will continue to raise funds through the successful 100-Hole Challenge and Golf Kitchen wine dinners. 

“We strongly believe that fun and engaging charity-related (local, regional and national) events held at clubs are the best way to bring together our communities, the members and the network of clubs. Our mission is to expand the ClubsHelp reach and to build awareness so we can continue to do more with this great Foundation,” said Rob Goulet, ClubsHelp co-founder and chairman.

“It all boils down to strength in numbers. We look at this as if we are building out a railroad or highway system of connected clubs, who independently and collectively, are capable of doing great things for our communities, particularly in times of need.” 

Complimentary club enrollment, donation and sponsorship opportunities, and additional information is available on the newly relaunched web site, ClubsHelp.org.