Prestigious club’s members hail from across the United States and the World

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (April. 21, 2019) –  Desert Mountain Club has earned a reputation as one of the finest private golf and recreational communities in the world. Statistics released in February show that the desirable Desert Mountain lifestyle is in higher demand than ever, as the club added 131 members from 26 states and four nations in 2018, a substantial increase of nearly 15 percent from the prior year.

In 2017, Desert Mountain welcomed 116 new members. In a single year, however, club membership surged to 131, listing primary addresses from cities as far as Canada, Ireland and Scotland. 

Desert Mountain has wide domestic appeal, too. Though 52 incoming members are Arizona residents, nine are from Washington, eight from California, seven from Minnesota and six from Illinois and Wisconsin respectively. Members come from eight of the ten-most highly-populated U.S. states as well as states along the east and west coasts. 

“The influx of new members is well-timed as there is a lot more to love at Desert Mountain than ever before,” said Desert Mountain Club CEO Damon DiOrio. 

“We are preparing for the official unveiling of two big evolutions of our club:  the opening of Seven Desert Mountain, a new residential enclave and par-54 golf course, as well as the newly reimagined Renegade course, which will feature cool-season turf, offering our members wall-to-wall green grass year-round and ultimately, more days of golf.” 

Those flocking to Desert Mountain aren’t the typical snowbirds. A surge of Californians continues to be drawn to this amenity-rich community. This is consistent with data recently released by Edelman Intelligence, which found that 53 percent of California residents are considering leaving the state because of its high cost of living. 

Of the eight Californians who made the move to Desert Mountain, most cite taxes and traffic as motivators to relocate.

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