A new look combines with aggressive SNAKEBITE grooves for max spin on scoring shots

CARLSBAD, California – COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation, introduced the SNAKEBITE wedges in a new, Tour-preferred RAW finish. The new non-plated RAW finish will be available in all three grinds (Classic, Versatile and Wide-Low) in the SNAKEBITE model. In addition, the game improvement SNAKEBITE-X model will be available in additional loft options: 50-, 54- and 58-degree.

Cobra’s SNAKEBITE Grooves utilize a CNC Milling process to improve groove consistency, maximize volume, and deliver the most aggressive groove performance possible. Progressive spin technology optimizes performance by tailoring groove lengths and groove depth for each wedge loft. 

The 48- through 54-degree lofts feature a traditional groove length and narrower, deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin trajectories on the lower lofted wedges, while the 56–60-degree lofts feature full face groove length with wider and shallower grooves to maximize spin on shots struck with an open face. 

In addition, the 58- and 60-degree wedges feature a new versatile design that moves the classic COBRA notch towards the heel for improved clubhead delivery through various turf and sand conditions.

“We have a longstanding tradition of producing raw wedges, a legacy that traces back to Phil Rodgers, who created the original Trusty Rusty for Cobra Golf,” said Chad DeHart, Sr. Product Line Manager at Cobra Golf. “This non-plated wedge offers a softer feel, tour-inspired aesthetics and delivers the performance golfers look for in all playing conditions.”

The new SNAKEBITE RAW finish is available in three different grinds ($179).

Versatile grind: an excellent all-around grind for medium to firm course conditions, featuring toe, heel and trailing edge relief.

Classic grind: features a progressive sole width from heel-to-toe, with trailing edge relief, for neutral to steeper swings in a variety of course conditions.

Widelow grind: a wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers and soft turf conditions, preventing the leading edge from digging.

The SNAKEBITE-X Wedge ($159) is a game improvement model featuring a HOLLOW CAVITY BACK DESIGN built with a SOFT TPU INSERT resulting in game-changing forgiveness and great feel. The wedge features full face SNAKEBITE grooves across all lofts to provide superior spin performance on any open face shots. Additionally, the wedge is equipped with a new teardrop grind that provides versatility in any turf conditions. The SNAKEBITE-X is offered in 48-, 50-, 52-, 54-, 56-, 58-, 60-degree lofts in a satin chrome finish.

Each SNAKEBITE Wedge features a black Lamkin Crossline grip. The SNAKEBITE and SNAKEBITE One Length Wedges come equipped with a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g) steel shaft. The SNAKEBITE-X Wedge is offered with a KBS MAX 85 (102g) steel shaft.

 For more information visit www.cobragolf.com.




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