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FORT WORTH, Texas (Sept. 25, 2019) –Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has unveiled a visually contemporized website at in an effort to simplify, yet enhance, the visitor’s experience.  The purchasing process for micro-manufactured,  premium forged golf clubs has been optimized through a number of new features,  including a new HoganFIT  club recommendation tool, and the addition of 3-D golf club imaging technology.

“Our new PTx PRO irons, GS53 driver and fairway woods and Ben Hogan Precision Milled Forged Putters have been exceptionally well received by serious golfers around the globe.  Our web traffic is greater than ever and demand for some of our products outpaces supply,” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. 

“Our website is our life blood, and it is critical for us to provide a first-class online shopping experience.  While we continually update and improve our site, there is no better time to unveil our new-look and introduce the HoganFIT club recommendation tool and 3-D imaging technology.  These new features will allow golfers to get up close with our entire product line and better determine which products will work best for them.”

HoganFIT is a simple 3-step club recommendation tool that allows golfers to create a player profile, provide  basic information about their current swing and playing tendencies, and then receive a high-level recommendation on the Ben Hogan golf equipment that will optimize their game. 

HoganFIT utilizes proprietary algorithms and logic technology to provide recommendations on the various iron models, long-iron replacement options (e.g. hybrids and/or utility irons), and wedges.  A separate recommendation module for drivers and fairways will be added soon.

Additionally, the Company has added 3-D imaging technology for all products.  This new feature allows golfers to view all products much more comprehensively online.  Visitors will be able to view golf club heads as they rotate to better visualize the nuances in head designs, including blade length, top line thickness, offset, and graphics.

White adds, “Selling directly to serious golfers at has proven to be a highly successful business strategy for the Company but, more importantly, it’s a convenient, efficient and cost-effective way for serious golfers to purchase great golf equipment.  Since golfers can’t experience our products through traditional retailers, it’s important that we provide them with other options to do so.  

“The HoganFIT System is meant to be another tool to help golfers better understand our product line and find the products that will help them play their best golf.  And, now that we’ve added 3-dimension images of our products to the website, consumers will be able to experience our products in almost the same way as if they were holding them.”

Serious golfers can purchase 100% forged clubs for about half of the price of competitive tour-quality equipment sold through traditional retail channels.  Buying directly from the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company saves a golfer hundreds of dollars per purchase, as compared to buying name brand premium  golf clubs at retail, where  high margins, mark-ups and other costs are passed onto the consumer, via the final sale price. 

Better yet, Ben Hogan Golf remains firmly committed to Mr. Hogan’s mission to “design and manufacture the best golf clubs in the world” with “the most exacting tolerances modern machinery will allow.”  All products are designed specifically for serious and accomplished golfers, and are hand-crafted using Ben Hogan Golf’s proprietary club building process. 

The Company’s team of craftsmen, some of whom worked with Mr. Hogan directly for many years, builds each individual club and set of irons one at a time, to exacting, individual specifications.  Mass production techniques are not utilized at Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. 

Complementing the new HoganFIT club recommendation tool and no-charge customization on all club orders, Ben Hogan Golf offers a number of consumer-centric programs, including free domestic shipping on orders over $250.00, flat-rate international shipping and a low or no-cost financing program. 

And, recognizing that many golfers want to personally experience equipment before they purchase, the Company offers a simple, risk-free Demo program, as well as a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. The Company reports that over 70% of people who try Ben Hogan Golf equipment via the Demo Program end up making a purchase. 

 About Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company manufactures premium golf clubs and golf bags, and is committed to continue Ben Hogan’s reputation of innovation, performance and classical designs.  The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan’s longtime home and the site of the original Company which opened in 1953. By eliminating the retail “middleman,” the Company’s cost structure is minimized and consumers are able to purchase high-quality golf equipment at factory-direct prices.




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