New Detroit-area Shelby Township location shows off bold design and engaging technology

TOLEDO, OH – Ace Indoor Golf, the industry’s foremost builder, designer and installer of golf simulator hardware and technology, has strengthened its partnership with Five Iron Golf, the leader in upscale indoor golf destinations with a growing collection of locations across the country. 

Ace continues to bring its leadership, innovation and best practices to the simulator bay design and installation at all new Five Iron Golf locations. 

Recently, Ace indoor Golf completed a multi-bay simulator installation at the new Five Iron Golf location in Shelby Township, Michigan while projects at several other forthcoming Five Iron Golf locations are underway. The 6,000 square-foot space features six TrackMan golf simulators, a full bar, putting green and a graffiti wall painted by local artist Desiree Kelly.

The Shelby Township is just one of a growing number of Five Iron Golf locations across the country to which Ace Indoor Golf will be lending its expertise and proven installation methods. 

“We are committed to helping make the simulator bays at every Five Iron Golf location engaging for customers and durable, safe and optimally designed for years to come. The spectacular new Shelby Township location is the newest example of our fruitful collaboration with Five Iron,” says Ace Indoor Golf President Trevor Faust. 

“We are very pleased to lend our expertise in simulator bay design and installation to Five Iron Golf. Five Iron guests get to experience one of the most teched-out golf and entertainment complexes they have ever seen.”

Ace Indoor Golf has spent two decades cultivating and implementing best practices in simulator room design and installation, taking quality control to level that includes hand-constructing simulator components like custom screens, wall padding and ceiling baffle kits from raw materials to expertly crafted components. 

Five Iron trusts Ace Indoor Golf thanks its proven ability to deliver safety, durability and sound construction at everyone one its unique entertainment venues.

The Five Iron Golf space is designed with guests in mind to enjoy the good vibes of golf and can be optimized to be the perfect entertainment space. It’s also a golf oasis for all new and skilled players. The Tour-level technology gives golfers real-time feedback and analytics, such as ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle and more, with nearly 100 world-renowned courses available to play virtually, as well as a dynamic range for golfers to practice on. 

Certified golf instructors offer private and group lessons for beginner and advanced players, and each lesson they give features advanced metrics and video analysis on TrackMan simulators.

“Ace Indoor Golf has been a great partner to bounce ideas off of, when it comes to simulator design and material selection,” says Jason Sproat, general manager of the new Shelby Township location of Five Iron Golf. “They are well versed in what can and cannot work, hold up well, etc. We value their insight. 

“Our simulators are very busy – and open for 16+ hours each day, 7 days a week, almost the entire year. They take a huge beating. Thus, durability and safety, because we have so many new golfers, are incredibly important to us. Ace helped us select materials for the screen, screen framing, and ceiling that can withstand our usage and keep guests safe.”

For more than 15 years, Ace Indoor Golf has designed, sold and installed more than 1,000 commercial and residential simulators, and has brought its vast experience to the growing “Do-It-Yourself” market. Ace offers a value-added approach in which knowledge, design and service are individual for every client. Ace’s experts are there with customers during every step of the process. 

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