ENCINITAS, California – Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you, like millions of others, are likely searching for the perfect gift for all of the golf-loving moms in your life. Zerofit North America LLC is here to help scratch one item off of your shopping list with a special offer when you purchase a Zerofit Baselayer.

Zerofit is a Japanese performance apparel brand and manufacturer of the best baselayer products for outdoor activities. For a limited time Zerofit is offering a free Zerofit Inspiral Golf Glove with any Baselayer purchase using code FREEGOLFGLOVE.

“We’re thrilled to extend this offer to golfers just in time for Mother’s Day,” said Doug Zirbel, CEO of Zerofit North America LLC. “Combining our baselayers with our Inspiral Golf Glove will ensure moms everywhere are ready to hit the course regardless of what mother nature throws at them.”

The Ultimate Baselayer allows for total mobility and comfort with amazing warmth. The Boken Institute in Osaka, Japan, tested the heat retention of the Zerofit Ultimate baselayer and it was proven to be five times warmer than leading competitors.

The best-in-class technology in the threads is activated by movement, generating heat instantly. The “double-loop” barrel fabric provides both heat insulation and “friction heating” via extra-long bristles. These bristles ensure that a layer of warm air is retained around the body, and even a little movement of the bristles causes friction, which creates heat and actually warms you up.

For cool weather but not freezing temperatures, Zerofit’s “Move” line of products is still twice as warm as a traditional baselayer and allow for unrestricted mobility and maximum comfort.

Zerofit’s premium Inspiral golf gloves are designed to provide golfers with the ultimate combination of comfort, grip, and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, these gloves are designed to deliver unparalleled performance on the course.

“Our gloves offer a superior grip and are incredibly comfortable. They are made with a non-slip material allowing golfers to swing with confidence and control, regardless of the weather or course conditions,” explained Zirbel.

The Inspiral Glove’s soft, breathable material helps to regulate hand temperature and wick away moisture, ensuring that golfers stay cool and dry throughout their round. The gloves also feature an adjustable closure, which allows for a snug, customized fit.

To take advantage of the free glove offer, please add the glove to your cart and select your size. At checkout enter FREEGOLFGLOVE and the price of the glove will be removed from your total.

Other Zerofit products include hoodies, leggings, sleeves and products designed to cool users down in hot summer weather


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