Wellputt has just launched its new Stroke Master, which is more than just a mat; it’s a putting training package that includes five innovative training tools; a ball return ramp, a Wellguide, a Wellhole, a training book with a step-by-step training program, and a putting mat with a Wellstroke included in the design.

It delivers an indoor training experience that replicates your outdoor practice as closely as possible, allowing you to stroke, roll, and repeat with results that you can duplicate on the course.

With the Stroke Master’s innovative design, you can roll putts up to sixteen and a half feet on a mat that’s only eight feet, three inches long, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to work on those fifteen-foot game-changer putts but doesn’t have the space.

How’s that possible? Well, it starts with a convenient ball return ramp and continues with a scale of numbers printed along the right side of the mat. Each number correlates to specific distances that can be referenced in the putting distance tables provided in the training book.

“The feedback we are receiving from early sales has been very positive,” says Heike Luck, General Manager of Wellputt.

The training book can be downloaded on our website and the training program can also be accessed on the Wellputt App. It’s fully loaded with 15 exercises and 4 fun games designed to help you develop the three key pillars of putting excellence; technique, feel, and performance.

The Technique drills focus on your putter path for consistency in contact, start line accuracy, and distance control, while the Feel drills focus on your touch and pace control.

Most players do well while training but need help executing on the golf course. The Stroke Master Performance exercises have been designed to expand your capabilities and train you for a performance that you can take to the course.

It’s compact, packs a powerful punch, and is guaranteed to knock out those pesky three putts! Simply said, the Stroke Master has everything you need to start shaving strokes off your score today.

Get into action now; go to www.wellputt.com

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