Back by fund founded by legendary athlete Michael Jordan, the new app delivers elite instruction to athletes while offering unprecedented connectivity to coaches anytime, anywhere

NOVI, Michigan – V1 Sports (V1), the leading developer of video and ground pressure analysis, online lessons, and on-course shot and stat tracking technologies for athletes and coaches, has debuted the New V1 GOLF Mobile App featuring a modern user interface, innovative features and workflows, and new content from V1’s team of leading professional coaches.

The New V1 GOLF Mobile App for golfers of all levels is part of a larger ecosystem that includes the V1 PRO app for coaches and allows athletes to learn faster and coaches to teach more effectively by keeping them connected. 

V1’s mission of bringing elite level instruction to all athletes is what drew investment backing from the Black Cat Ventures Technology Fund, founded by legendary athlete Michael Jordan and managed by his partners Ken Weyand and Darren May, the general manager and golf coach at The Grove XXIII in Hobe Sound, FL, respectively.

The launch of the V1 GOLF Mobile App supports a broader plan to accelerate learning through video analysis, ground pressure data, on-course performance, online lessons and content, so golfers have access to new tools and resources to learn anytime, anywhere, and in any environment. 

Backed by key enhancements to the New V1 GOLF app, users can easily capture swing videos, automatically save and organize them by session, then connect with a coach to expedite game improvement.

To date, more than 4 million golfers have used V1 GOLF software to optimize performance, while 10,000+ coaches, including some of the world’s best instructors use the V1 Pro software every day. 

“We are thrilled to introduce our new and refined V1 GOLF Mobile App to the millions of golfers looking to improve their performance every day, as well as casual golfers looking to increase their enjoyment of the game,” said Bryan Finnerty, CEO, V1 Sports.  “The past two years have been transformative for V1 with tremendous development and enhancement of our products and services.”

Finnerty adds “The new app reflects our commitment to a better user experience and fervent dedication to improving workflows for those using it, and we remain as committed as ever to listening to our users to help guide future refinements.”

Among the key features of the new V1 GOLF Mobile App, include: 

  • Innovative app designed with easy-to-navigate content interface.
  • Enhanced workflow to quickly capture or import, review and analyze swing videos in sessions, which automatically groups videos by day. 
  • Automatic storage where videos are saved to the cloud and all video history is preserved.
  • Content streaming to quickly download and view tips and drills.
  • Online lessons: Connect with the right coach anytime and anywhere. V1 Golf makes it easy to send in swings and receive a swing analysis back with custom content attached, from top coaches such as Mike Bender, Dana Dahlquist, Jake Thurm, or Tom Saguto. 
  • Exclusive Model Swings and Drill videos from an extensive network of V1 Pros and content ambassadors, with new, curated content delivered every month.
  • V1’s Model Swing library, filmed on tour and by top instructors, features the top playing professionals of today and from the past, for use in the app for powerful and insightful swing comparison. 
  • Drill videos are filmed exclusively for V1 Sports – and can’t be found anywhere else – by leading coaches and instructors across the world like Nancy Quarcelino, Tina Tombs, Claude Brousseau, and Devan Bonebrake.

Adds Finnerty, “For more than 25+ years, V1 Sports has been passionate about game improvement in sports. This passion is what fuels our innovation and new developments and we are excited to bring this new app technology to golfers around the world.  Our goal is to continually offer solutions that help athletes optimize performance, while bringing more enjoyment to the games they play.”

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