ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 21, 2019) – TDJ Systems, LLC and Tournament Pros have partnered to offer a new game where charity golf tournaments can offer their participants a second chance to win. Each charity team will get help from PGA Tour pros that are randomly selected, much like a raffle with a twist, to improve their total score for the day.

With the easy-to-use new game, charities also have the ability to raise an additional $1,000 for their cause with no out-of-pocket costs or stress on their volunteers.

“For the first time, all golfers, regardless of their ability level, can have a chance to win the golf tournament with the help of PGA TourTM players,” says Dante Reynolds, Vice President Marketing of TDJ Golf. “The new TDJ Golf app increases the engagement of the golfers during the event and, most importantly, raises more money for charity.”

Tournament Pros has provided thousands of organizations with charity golf tournament solutions for over 25 years. “We are thrilled that we can deliver a new, no-risk fund-raising solution to our customers,” says Tournament Pros President Jan-Michael Sherman. 

“The game is fully administered in the TDJ Golf mobile app, keeping it simple for the tournament and host golf club. We see this as a complete win-win for the golfers and the charity: Who wouldn’t want the likes of Tiger, Phil and Rory helping your players and your organization?”

Groups looking to add a TDJ Golf Second Chance Tournament should contact Tournament Pros (https://www.tournamentpros.com/) at 800-790-4653 or info@tournamentpros.com


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