STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The R&A continued its efforts to play a lead role in tackling single-use plastic bottles at The 150th Open played at St Andrews, Scotland. Bluewater hydration stations dispensed a massive 76,869 litres of water during the event, equivalent to 153,738 500ml-sized plastic bottles.

“We want to thank The R&A, the organizers of The Open, for taking the lead in providing hydration solutions that end the need for an event to sell plastic bottles of water, and the fans who made the choice to support the planet by purchasing a sustainable Bluewater bottle to replace throwaway plastic bottles,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. 

Rittri noted the 150th anniversary edition of The Open had attracted around 290,000 fans whose hydration requirements were met despite warmer than average weather conditions.

A highlight was a 16-meter Bluewater ‘Wall of Water’ housing 12 in-line water dispensers and two 55 inch high-bright outdoor television screens broadcasting key content. The mega water station alone dispensed a staggering 19,229 liters of water, equal to 38,458 500ml-sized plastic water bottles.

“The Bluewater event hydration ecosystem not only delivers really pure water free of all known contaminants but also completely and efficiently eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles of water. And the sale of Bluewater bottles help compensate any loss in revenue from selling those plastic bottles,” says Dave Noble, Bluewater Director of Events, PR and Communications.

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