WILMINGTON, Delaware (Dec. 28, 2020) – AmateurGolf.com, one of the most respected names in competitive golf, has endorsed “The Book” by PuttView as the preferred yardage and greens map guide for its tournaments and thriving community of players.

PuttView, golf’s leader in utilizing technology to help players improve their performance on the green, introduced “The Book” in July and it has taken the market by storm. Players at all levels of the game are flocking to “The Book,” which provides two views of each green and a yardage book hand-built by former Division I collegiate players and coaches.

“We are obviously delighted that the ‘The Book’ has been named the preferred yardage and greens map guide of AmateurGolf.com,” said Christoph Pregizer, PuttView’s founder and managing director “Our team at PuttView worked tirelessly to ensure ‘The Book’ introduced an innovative new offering to the market and this is validation of those efforts. We look forward to helping AmateurGolf.com members play their best golf in 2021.”

Working with renowned putting instructor Phil Kenyon, PuttView built golf’s premier greens guide and yardage book to help golfers improve their performance in the crucible of tournament play.

The Book’s easy-to-read thermal view uses color to allow players to quickly see ridges in greens and possible hole locations. The detailed view supports green reading with arrows and contours shown at the maximum level allowed within the rules of golf, helping players quickly process vital information.
Yardage books feature fairway arrows when the slope exceeds 4 percent, carry and runout distance, elevation change and distance rings, among other valuable information.
Both the greens maps and yardage books are fully compliant with all USGA and R&A rules.

PuttView offers greens maps for more than 8,000 courses – a number that is growing daily – and yardage books for 30,000+ layouts across the globe (Search For Your Favorite Course).

AmateurGolf.com is geared towards players who are serious about taking their game to a competitive level, whether that means winning the fourth flight of the club championship, or qualifying for the US Amateur. At its core, AmateurGolf.com provides the world’s most comprehensive tournament database, and it provides tournaments large and small with a highly effective way to publicize and promote their events. AmateurGolf.com also runs a 15-tournament tour.

For more information on PuttView, visit www.PuttViewBooks.com.

About PuttView
PuttView is a visual learning environment for all things putting. Augmented Reality technology enables the visualization on the putting green, from feedback on all important parameters of a putt to entertaining games. It helps players activate their mind’s eye, provides a visual toolbox for coaches, and makes practice more fun. With their latest product, “The Book”, PuttView now also provides competitive golfers the absolute best green maps and yardage books in the game. For more information, visit PuttView.com


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