SAN DIEGO, California (Feb. 1, 2021) – StrackaLine, maker of golf’s premier greens guides and yardage books, will provide the IMG Junior Golf Tour members with its laser scanned green guide technology as the Official Yardage and Greens Book of the tour beginning in February of 2021.  

The IMG Junior golf tour members will have access to the same books being used by the players on all the professional tours and collegiate teams.

“We are extremely proud to support the IMG Junior Golf Tour by partnering with them to supply books for their tournaments”, said StrackaLine president Jim Stracka. “The IMG Junior Golf Tour is an extremely prestigious junior golf tour, and we are very happy that our books will be used by the field to improve the overall play of these highly competitive junior golfers.”

“We are excited to partner with StrackaLine to give our members special access to their industry-leading greens guides and yardage books.” said IMG Junior Golf Tour director Andrew Parr. “StrackaLine’s products and technology will provide a valuable tool for our members as they continue to advance in competitive junior golf.”

The StrackaLine greens guides and yardage books will be available for all IMG Junior Golf Tour events in 2021 and will be made available on the tournament information pages.  

StrackaLine’s USGA compliant greens guides offer a level of detail and accuracy not available anywhere else for the most precise green reading. The yardage books include complete tee-to-green measurements for every hole.

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