LAKE MARY, Florida – The International Network of Golf will welcome six support sponsors to the ING Hospitality Room (ClubING) at the 2023 PGA Show, set for Jan. 25-27 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

ClubING will be located in Room 312B, which is part of the PGA Show Media Complex. ClubING features plenty of space for meetings, product displays or simply relaxing, and connects to Room 312A for its awards presentations. PGA Show attendees are welcome to visit ClubING to learn more about the networking organization.

The first of two awards programs for the week will be the 29th Annual ING Media Awards, Wednesday at 12:30 pm. The 29th Annual ING Industry Honors, recognizing outstanding achievement in a variety of business-related categories, is set for Thursday at 12:30 pm. A dessert bar sponsored by PGA Show follows both awards presentation.

Support Sponsors for ClubING include CertiFresh Cigar, Makefield Putters, PGA Show, Proud 90 Apparel, Sycamore BioPharma, and former LPGA Tour Commissioner Charlie Mechem’s book, “Arnie And Jack.” 

CERTIFRESH CIGAR – For almost two decades, CertiFresh Cigar has offered the finest brand-name cigars that are delivered in a perfectly humidified custom package. Boveda’s patented two-way humidity control device is the cornerstone of CertiFresh packaging –– this keeps the cigars at a precise 69% humidity that guarantees their freshness for one year without a humidor. 

CertiFresh packaging is individually customized for an impact like no other cigar sales program, and has revolutionized how premium cigars are distributed to and sold at nontraditional cigar retailers.

MAKEFIELD PUTTERS – The team at Makefield Putters developed a system called Path of Inertia, which utilizes the weight, moment of inertia, and location of the center of gravity to produce a pure ball roll unique to Makefield Putters. The company employs a physics-first mindset, placing driver-weighted technology in the club. They are face-balanced and with 3 different weight channels, 3 types of weights, and the capability to put 3 weights in each of the channels there’s an endless number of combinations you can create to make a custom weighted putter.

PGA SHOW – The PGA Show, organized by Reed Exhibitions (RX) in partnership with the PGA of America, is the most meaningful rallying point of the year for the business of golf and is the world’s doorway to the game’s future. PGA Professionals and industry leaders form a dynamic international community to network and test the newest products, programs and ideas to inspire innovation, create solutions, and build business and passion for the game.

PROUD 90 – PROUD 90 is a group of guys that love hitting the links and believe that breaking 90 is considered a win for the day.  The company says, “Like blowing out an ever-growing number of candles on your birthday cake, we’ve come to realize that the tally after 18 is just a number. We’re dedicated to the good times it takes to accumulate that number and what follows afterwards.”  

No matter what your handicap, Proud 90 takes pride in making the most comfortable and best-fitting polos on the market. Match that quality of construction with eye-catching designs and you’ll never feel pigeonholed by the number on your scorecard again.

SYCAMORE BIOPHARMA – The CBD retail product space is currently a crowded field with some good players and bad. What makes SBP unique is that they made the conscious decision to only use their high-quality distillate and isolate to formulate all of their products. Using these higher quality derivatives, as opposed to winterized crude, allows the company to offer more refined product lines at higher potencies and reduced costs. It’s range of high-quality CBD products include CBD lotions, serums, and tinctures.”

CHARLIE MECHEM’S BOOK, ARNIE AND JACK – Jack Nicklaus says of this book: “There isn’t a person who knows more about Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, and the stories that took place between the two of us – an individually – than Charlie Mechem. (This book) comes from one of the kindest, most sincere men I have ever met. Charlie’s book is full of great stories and wisdom all delivered with his unshakeable wit, aplomb and class.”





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