COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 1, 2019) — ShortGolf, the manufacturer of developmental golf products designed to make golf fun and easy for all ages, has announced a partnership with Skyhawks Sports Academy, the nation’s leading provider of athletic programs and camps for kids 4-12 years old.  

Beginning in 2019, thousands of kids across the country will now have the opportunity to learn the game of golf and develop life skills using ShortGolf equipment in a fun, nurturing, and progressive environment.

“We have many synergies with Skyhawks in terms of mission and vision, and we are excited about the opportunities to work with them both nationally and globally,” says Lindsey Sams, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Development at ShortGolf.  

“One of our goals at ShortGolf is to simply expose more children to golf by duplicating what the sporting industry has done. This means providing a modified version of golf that can be implemented in environments where kids already are. Specifically, we believe that to be in schools and organized youth sport programs.

To accomplish this, it is imperative we collaborate with organizations that are implementing exceptional sport programming tailored to the developmental needs of children, and Skyhawks is one of the best in youth sports.

“While we push our golf in schools (PE) initiative, Skyhawks becomes a prime organization for communities to create links from the in-school programs to after school programs and potentially on to golf specific programs. Ultimately, this partnership becomes a resource for local First Tee Chapters as well as a feeder for local golf facilities and professionals to accumulate skilled players that have fostered a love of the game.”

“Skyhawks is excited for the opportunity to work with ShortGolf. An important aspect of delivering our quality programming is finding a system that provides the right size of equipment. ShortGolf’s colorful, modified equipment complements our golf program perfectly, that is to foster proper development and create fun environments that are progressively challenging,” says Jason Frazier, Skyhawks President. 

“We want golf to be available for every child enrolled in our programs so they can learn the basics, develop important life skills, and hopefully take up the sport for a lifetime.” 

Skyhawks Sports Academy was founded in 1979 in Spokane, Washington, and provides sport camps where children can discover and develop athletic skills and social values, such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.  Its camps are designed to give each child a positive experience in sports, thus fostering a thirst for an active, healthy lifestyle and love of the game.  Golf is just one of many sports offered at Skyhawks camps.

For the past 10 years, ShortGolf has been providing modified golf equipment for kids and adults who are trying the game for the first time.  Considered by industry leaders as the preferred entry-level training system for golf, ShortGolf’s program builds on the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full shots to develop playing ability quickly and effectively.

Golfers will know ShortGolf from its relationships with The First Tee, as a PGA TOUR Licensed Product, the LPGA Foundation and PGA Sections across the country.  

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For more information about Skyhawks, call 1-800-804-3509 or visit





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