Technology development integrates Range Servant’s new Tee Box hardware with Inrange’s market-leading radar-tracking & entertainment range software

LONDON, UK and HALMSTAD, Sweden – Premium Range Experience Technology providers Inrange and Range Servant recently announced the successful development of an integrated in bay solution, with the aim of creating the ultimate entertainment experience at the driving range.

The development has integrated Range Servant’s new Tee Box hardware with the Inrange in bay entertainment solution, so that range operators are able to deliver a seamless in bay experience with balls delivered to players with no more than a swing of a club.

The first implementation of this new integrated solution will be available at the new Swing City development in Sydney, Australia and is expected to be very popular with the increasing number of new Experience Range developments worldwide.

Nick Longley, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Inrange explains:

“We have always held that Inrange is only one part of delivering a premium experience to players at this new generation of Experience Ranges. This development with our long-standing partners, Range Servant, will further ensure that we are able to deliver on our vision of making the range, and golf, a game for everyone.”

Daniel Steen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Range Servant said:

“We were able to identify Inrange as a likely disruptor very early in the development of their solution and we are very proud to be able to offer this new integrated solution to our customers. We are excited that Inrange has chosen to Integrate with our Tee Box in-bay dispenser, a solution that we have rolled out to dozens of customers over the last couple of years.

“Together with our premium and reliant Ball-Management Systems, it makes for a seamless ball handling and a solution that has been the choice for all Top Golf venues throughout the world.

“Our recent investment in Rsconnect has made integrations possible to all entertainment range software, and we are again, extremely excited to announce our successful technology integration with Inrange.”

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