Eagerly anticipated line to be launched at PGA Show Jan. 25-27

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – For golfers who want to play year-round, no matter what the weather outside may be, ProTee United B.V., a leading developer of golf simulator products and solutions, is introducing three new Golf Launch Monitors at the PGA Show in Orlando this month.

With a modern, sleek design, The ProTee RX, ProTee VX and ProTee RLX offer unmatched data and features, for less than similar systems that deliver fewer capabilities. 

These Vision and A.I. powered, ceiling launch monitors with dual high speed camera systems measure relevant shot data in a matter of milliseconds for accurate, realistic golf play simulation for home, commercial venue, or professional use. 

The systems capture and measure a breadth of data, delivered real time, to enable adjustments and ultimately improve a player’s game. Golfers can track a variety of aspects of each shot including but not limited to ball speed, spin, and launch; club data like speed, path, angle, impact point and more; and flight data like flight path, apex height and time, distance, air time, descent angle, and more. 

Each model offers options for mounting and options for right/left-handed players. 

The new systems featured at the PGA Show include: 

ProTee VX – Introductory price: $6,500 USD / EURO 6.000
Front center mounted, left and right-handed players. 

ProTee RX – Introductory price: $5,500 USD / EURO 5.000
Back right or left mounted, left or right-handed players.

ProTee RLX – Introductory price: $7,500 USD / EURO 7.000
Front center mounted, left and right-handed players.

The uses for the ProTee Golf Monitors are many, explains Dennis J. van Drie, CEO. “For the golfer who wants to practice at home, these solutions are ideal,” he says, “But golf pros can use them for practice, teaching, and training, while entertainment venues can add these to their lineup of exciting features. Even hotels and cruise ships can install ProTee Golf Monitors for their guests as an added value and differentiator.” 

Simple to install with quick set up, the ProTee Golf Monitors are also competitively priced. Starting at just $5,400 USD retail, the monitors offer features and price points for a variety of budgets. And, the simulation software currently offers more than 150,000 world class golf courses to play. 

“Golfers want to be able to practice 365 days a year and improve in the comfort of their own home or at their favorite establishments,” adds van Drie. “We believe the best product innovation is based on what customers say they want. We listened to our community, and this is the exciting result.”

Check out the ProTee Golf Monitors and meet with the team at the PGA Show at booths 1573 & 1673. For more information about ProTee United Golf Launch Monitors, visit: www.proteelaunchmonitors.com


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