Golf practice innovator continues expansion with next-level driving range experiences

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida – Power Tee, innovators in technology that drives game improvement, golfer engagement and practice facility revenues, is positioned to expand its presence in the United States in the coming year. 

Already the most-commonly used hitting mats in most of the United Kingdom, the company is implementing its proven formula in North America with a growing number of valued partnerships. The Power Tee business concept is now evolving to make that a tangible reality in the not-too-distant future. 

Driving range and golf course owners are seeing increased revenues from Power Tee hitting bays versus traditional grass or mat bays because Power Tee users hit more balls per practice session and spend more time at Power Tee stations. In turn, food-and-beverage and retail sales increase at these facilities.

Featuring patented technology that’s been perfected through years of engineering, Power Tee ensures a perfect automatically teed ball every time a golfer swings. Whether at a stand-alone driving range, on-course practice range, private club, indoor golf entertainment complex or in private home golf studios, golfers are quickly discovering the merits of having a ball teed up for them in seconds. 

Moreover, each ball is positioned to the exact height the player needs for every lie and swing. The user experience enables more consistent swings and the ability to find a productive practice groove more quickly during each range session.

“We’re in more than 80 percent of U.K. driving ranges,” says Martin Wyeth, founder and CEO. “I believe that within 20 years, it will be almost unheard of for practicing golfers to tee up their own ball. Once you’ve experienced Power Tee and understand its benefits and the swing mechanics for actually grooving in a swing change, there’s very little point in practicing any other way.”

U.S. facilities have already begun converting their tees, and Power Tee is now installed at 400 ranges and clubs across 18 countries. In the past six months, alone, there have been 15 new installations of 208 total machines. Some 6 million golf balls are now teed up daily on a Power Tee.

The concept is simple: Load up to 100 balls in the hopper. A ball will pop up on the tee automatically after loading, and then again after each hit. To ensure realistic lie conditions, the tee offers up to 40 tee heights that can be quickly adjusted at the push of a control panel button. The Fiberbuilt Strike Mat and cushioned standing mat that Power Tee uses are the highest quality golf mats in the industry, ensuring a comfortable experience. 

Golfers find far better results hitting off Power Tee by never having to get out of position while build confidence and consistency. Power Tee also provides a clean platform to hit shots from every time, minimizing injuries to wrists, forearms, and elbows from repeated harsh impact on a hardened range mat or damaged grass. For golfers who value clean contact, pleasing turf interaction and efficient practice time, Power Tee is a gamechanger.

One owner/operator who has seen immediate benefits is Magnolia Golf Management CEO Adam Owen. Magnolia’s three Austin, TX golf courses, Avery Ranch Golf Club, Falconhead Golf Club and Teravista Golf Club, have all had Power Tee range stations since May and impact on business and customer satisfaction has been significant.

“The opportunity to take our ranges – which already featured Toptracer Range – to a new experience and a new quality level, attracted to us to Power Tee,” Owen says. “We installed nearly 100 Power Tee units across our three courses, and it’s been fantastic. Our average ROI – with Power Tee versus without it – yields an increase in revenue of about 18 to 20 percent monthly. 

“To have consistent turf conditions every day and mats that people truly enjoy hitting off of is a game-changer as is not having to move the practice tees around constantly based on heavy use.”

Power Tee is endorsed by PGA Tour professional Jim Furyk who is also a company shareholder. 

“Jim likes the product and has one at home. He hits a lot of balls off it. Obviously with his wrist injury, he likes to have a surface that doesn’t hurt it. And he’s been immensely supportive,” Wyeth adds.

2018 Team Europe Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjorn, and elite golf instructor Mitchell Spearman also endorse Power Tee.

This year, Power Tee installations have begun with machines featuring a prefabricated deck – allowing Power Tee to drop the deck right into place on the range – up to 10 at a time – and complete a full installation in as little as four hours. This will also help reduce costs.

“Our mats are engineered to feel good, and to last well,” Wyeth says. “Under our operation program where we lease the equipment, we replace those mats every 20 months, so they never get hard or compacted. They never feel bad. We have a customer up in Canada, who has a huge grass tee line with 21 mats under cover. And when we met him, 80 percent of his business was done on grass. 

“Within a year of Power Tee being installed, 80 percent of his business was done on the Power Tees. It was a complete reversal. Once facilities try it and see their customers’ enjoyment of the product, it’s a one-way street. They see that it’s such a good way to practice and operate their tee line.”

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