JUPITER, Florida – PopStroke Entertainment Group recently announced the formation of the inaugural PopStroke Tour Championship (PTC) presented by TaylorMade via Tiger Woods’ social media. 

The PTC will be a three-day international competition (Oct. 26-28), bringing together players, both pros and amateurs, to identify the best putters in the world.

The Championship event will feature two (2) separate competitions in a 72-hole (four 18-hole rounds) tournament competing for a total purse of $125,000. The Team Championship competition will have a maximum of 200 teams (400 players) competing for a $100,000 prize purse, and the Stroke Play (individual) competition will have a maximum of 100 players competing for a $25,000 prize purse. 

The Team Championship winner’s share will be $20,000, while the Stroke Play Champion will earn $5,000. There will be a cut to 50% of the field after the second round, with the remaining players completing the 3rd and final rounds.  In both competitions, 20% of the field will earn prize money.

“Putting is the most important, and often overlooked, skill in the game of golf,” said Founder Greg Bartoli.  “It is also the most accessible and least intimidating aspect of the game.  We have created a National Putting Championship where players can go head-to-head regardless of credentials, age, or gender to earn tour-size cash.   

“The entertainment value is high, and competition can be fierce. We already have players from around the world that have registered and are excited by this unique competition. We are proud to have TaylorMade as the presenting sponsor; it shows their commitment to the growth of the game and our respective vision for innovation in bringing the game to a larger and more diverse audience of players.”

“At TaylorMade we are always looking for innovative business opportunities that can expand our reach to golfers across the world,” said Chief Executive Officer and President David Abeles.  “Partnering with Tiger and PopStroke is the perfect opportunity for us to continue to do that in a fun and imaginative competition. 

“We have enjoyed a long-time relationship with Tiger and believe PopStroke has a long runway for success as it continues to grow.”

“I am excited to launch the PopStroke Tour Championship,” said Woods. “Putting is the great equalizer in the game of golf. We look forward to watching the competition unfold with players from all over the globe.”

). With only 250 openings, the time to register is now. For more information about the PopStroke Tour Championship, visit POPSTROKE.COM/PCT

The PopStroke Tour Championship will be televised this fall, with more details to be released. To add more excitement to the inaugural PopStroke Tour Championship, the winners of the Team Championship competition will be invited to play in a made-for-tv $25K Showdown against two (2) PGA TOUR professionals in a winner-take-all format.  The $25K Showdown and highlights of the Team & Stroke Play Championships will be featured on a one-hour live-to-tape broadcast.

Beyond the 2022 Tour Championship, plans are underway to conduct national qualifying events at all PopStroke locations in addition to other putting competitions identified as a “PopStroke qualifier.” 

In addition, for this fall, we have confirmed a few qualifiers to be conducted at facilities including The Lawn at Deerpath Golf Club in Lake Forest, IL (Sept. 10), Thorny Lea Golf Club outside Boston (Sept. 17), and Independence Golf Club in Richmond, VA (Sept. 23). These sites are in addition to two other qualifiers hosted by the South Florida PGA and North Florida PGA sections.


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