Firm expands its award-winning private collection with newly designed, multi-purpose Pit 2 project

SAN DIEGO, California (Feb. 16, 2021) – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, is proud to reveal their state-of-the-art, multi-purpose, conceptual golf designs for the “Pit 2.” 

The distinguishing designs are deeply rooted and motivated by the original Golf Lounge, warmly referred to as the “Pit” but their team has expanded upon its uniqueness for the residents within the community of Mazaua in Valle de Bravo, México.

The concept of a multi-purpose golf complex, according to Pizá Golf who coined the term, refers to the many ways the golf facility can be played or enjoyed. The strategy behind the design is to provide real shot values that can be as challenging or easy as the player wants. The “Pit 2” can be played by an avid golfer or a non-golfer.

Fairway bunkers, pothole bunkers, and a grass waste bunker surround the meandering off-centre undulating putting area which contrasts the rustic and natural setting. Players randomly drop their ball and take aim at the six distinct putting holes. Again, the shot or approach is entirely up to the player.

“Multi-purpose. Magic. Options. That is what the ‘Pit 2’ is all about,” said Agustin Pizá, Founder of Pizá Golf. “Golfers can work on their shots however they want or just relax. Let the kids build castles in the sand bunkers or roll around in the grass waste bunker. I love the idea of families and friends from the community enjoy this unique space as they want. 

“And the fun continues at night as the Pit 2 turns into the ultimate social setting, complete with dramatic lighting, professional audio-system with amplifiers, and concerts speakers embedded in the ground.”

An important element of the multi-purpose concept and complexes is sustainability, both ecologically and economically. Both the “Pit” and “Pit 2” are designed and developed for maximum playability, and functionality on a small footprint. The land usage is of the utmost importance and affects the surrounding areas.

The “Pit” was a wasted lot with debris, nestled in a concrete jungle outside of Mexico City, and now, a micro-climate has flourished. “We are incredibly proud of our commitment to sustainability. It is something we strive for on all projects,” added Pizá.

Pizá is proud to be in the Top-25 list of Sustainable Architects in the World presented by Green Planets Architects. The company is expanding their concept of multi-purpose and sustainability to other urban areas, such as, resorts, restaurants, parks, apartment complexes and at golf course communities.

The award-winning “Pit” concept was an immediate, international success and received a Global Future Design Awards. 

“I have to admit embarking on these multi-purpose projects was a risk. They are never-before-seen concepts and designs. We all were nervous. As a kid growing up in the 80s, I am thrilled they are not a one-hit-wonder as we are in the process to designing the Pit 3 and Pit 4,” added Pizá.

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