BRENTWOOD, Tennessee – The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation and Invited have launched a month-long fundraising campaign with club’s across the country to help make golf more accessible for kids from all backgrounds and socio-economic status. 

Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation’s introductory golf programming exposes youth ages 4-9 to the game of golf through community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, and other programming for underserved youth. 

The game-based curriculum and age-appropriate equipment provided allows staff to essentially transform unconventional spaces—including gyms and any green space—into a fun, golf learning center.

“Our focus is to remove issues of accessibility, cost, and exclusivity by creating a new pathway for kids to learn the game away from the golf course,” said Kelly McCammon, Founder, and CEO. 

“The September campaign with Invited will help raise the additional funding needed to advance Payne’s vision to give families and kids greater access to golf.”

To support the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation on their quest to give more kids the opportunity to experience golf for the first time, visit

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