Delivering optimized golf equipment for junior golfers

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Sept. 18, 2019) – OnCore Golf Technology, Inc. and EPEC Golf LLC are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to bring the best-in-golf equipment to the rapidly expanding junior golfer market. 

OnCore Golf, a company focused on creating the highest performing golf balls for players of all skill levels, has always focused on delivering what the customer needs and will benefit most from. In some instances, this translates into developing products and technologies for golfers that may not be marquee names but are critical to the growth of the sport. 

From OnCore’s early days, the company has felt that supporting young golfers, both male and female and of diverse backgrounds, is paramount to ensuring the great game of golf thrives. OnCore’s support and affiliation with First Tee programs, the PGA Junior Golf Camps, and many other initiatives have helped to encourage young golfers to participate and excel over the years.

Accordingly, OnCore is very pleased to announce a partnership with EPEC Golf, supplier of the industry’s only upgradeable golf clubs for junior golfers, to deliver equipment that will give young golfers the best experience possible with both clubs and balls. The EPEC upgradeable club system is individually tailored to the junior golfer with appropriate shaft length, driver and iron head sizes and adjustable weights to maximize playability. Combining this with the recently launched Avant 55 golf ball from OnCore, the overall golf experience will be the best it can be.

Bret Blakely, OnCore’s co-founder and vice president commented: “OnCore has always believed that our products and technologies represent and are creating the future performance standards for everything we offer. One of the best things we can do is to deliver that future benefit today to junior golfers and help them succeed. The fit of that approach with EPEC Golf’s clear emphasis on making products that grow as the golfer grows couldn’t be better.” 

Richard Stamper, founder and president of EPEC added: “It can be expensive for parents to keep their children in properly fitted clubs throughout their junior careers. With EPEC however, after an initial set purchase, parents upgrade at a fraction of the cost of buying an entire new set. After evaluating OnCore’s products, we saw a similar value proposition. That is, great performing products that also are cost-effective.  The low compression Avant 55 is an ideal ball for young players, in that it is soft enough to where they can compress the ball with all the playability benefits that yields. We’re proud to partner with OnCore and offer their products to all our families.”

About OnCore Golf:

OnCore Golf is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technology and innovation to the golf market while inspiring golfers at all skill levels and abilities. The company introduced the first-ever commercially available USGA-conforming hollow metal core ball in 2014 and has continued to innovate and introduce best-in-class products for golfers of all skill levels. Visit to learn more, join the company’s loyalty program, and check out other great products including towels, bags and hats.

About EPEC Golf:

EPEC Golf was founded for one simple reason — to make premium fitted youth golf equipment affordable for all families.  Though our unique product designs and aftermarket upgrade programs, EPEC provides young golfers of all skill levels with properly fitted equipment that gives them their best chance of on-course success. EPEC proudly supports PGA Jr. League and PGA Junior Golf Camps, as well as a host of PGA Sections around the country including Middle Atlantic and New England. Visit to learn more.


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