Research details golf’s $1.3 billion statewide impact and benefits of green space at 236 golf facilities

JUPITER, Florida (April 19, 2021) – The National Golf Foundation’s research and consulting teams recently helped complete a comprehensive report on the economic and environmental impacts of golf in the state of Colorado, detailing the game’s $1.3 billion direct economic impact within the state as well as the benefits of more than 33,000 acres in golf course green space.

The Colorado Golf Economic & Environmental Impact Report was conducted in collaboration with Radius Sports Group on behalf of the Colorado Golf Coalition (CGC) and shows that more than 19,400 jobs statewide are supported by golf, yielding almost $700 million in wage income and over $166 million in state and local taxes. 

Consumer-spend at Colorado’s 236 golf facilities exceeded $639 million while golf tourism contributed more than $281 million to the economy.

In total, golf had an estimated $2 billion impact – direct, indirect and induced – on the wider Colorado economy, according to analysis of NGF’s research and data from 2019. This was prior to the coronavirus pandemic that resulted in nationwide surges in golf engagement, including a 20% year-over-year increase in the number of rounds played at Colorado’s golf courses. 

In addition to golf facility operations and tourism, NGF’s economic activity research examined capital investments, charitable events, retail spend, tournaments and associations, and the construction of new homes within golf communities.

“Golf’s economic and non-economic contributions to Colorado are significant,” said NGF Chief Research Officer David Lorentz. “Consider that one in every 12 residents plays the game, that there are three golf courses for every one Chipotle restaurant in the state, and that those facilities hosted almost 2,000 charity events in 2019, raising millions of dollars for deserving organizations. 

“Golf is much more than a game with beautiful, undulating landscapes – although Colorado certainly has its share of those – it’s an outlet, a sanctuary and a conduit for good.”

The Colorado Golf Coalition promotes collaboration and engagement with communities, civic leaders and legislative leaders who recognize the importance of the golf industry within the state. 

The CGC consists of the Colorado Golf Association (CGA), Colorado Section of the PGA of America (PGA), Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association (RMGCSA), and Mile-High Chapter of the Club Management Association of America (Mile-High CMAA).

A full copy of the free report is available online at:

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