Real-time data capture technology from Visual Sports Systems evaluates performance to a tee

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (January 13, 2015) – Visual Sports Systems, the only golf and multi-sport simulator on the market, has introduced their latest golf simulation technology, the SwingTrack™ club analysis camera, which will be showcased at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

The new SwingTrack™ technology from Visual Sports Systems, at 600 frames per second, offers the highest frame rate available of any golf simulator on the market. The camera technology displays HD Images with full color capture and accurate real-time club head and swing analysis.The SwingTrack™ overhead camera works in conjunction with the Visual Sports VTrack™ ball tracking system providing serious golfers accurate club head and swing analysis.The advanced, high-speed HD camera captures, records and displays real-time shot data including, club path, club face angle, club head speed as well as point of impact. The on-screen interface instantly presents a comprehensive overview of all the relevant shot data.

“Experienced golfers and trainers are looking for the most accurate account and analysis of their performance and the SwingTrack™ system provides that” says Daniel Weitzner, Vice President of Business Development at Visual Sports Systems. “The new SwingTrack™ camera really complements our existing golf and multi-sport simulator and elevates the golf training experience for trainers, pros and enthusiasts looking to improve their game.”

Visual Sports golf simulators are ideal for training and offers advanced precision tracking of ball speed, spin and club data, launch angles, as well as practice settings for driving, chipping or putting. SwingTrack™ fully integrates into the powerful E6 golf software, allowing users to compete or practice on over 85 of the world’s most famous golf courses real-world GPS data to provide an extremely lifelike golf experience.

Visual Sports Systems can be found in indoor golf centers, golf courses, pro shops, training facilities and the homes of avid golfers. Recent facilities to join the Visual Sports client list include Silver Tee Golf Center in Windsor, Ontario; Sportszone at the Dome in Buffalo, New York and SimPlay in New York City.

About Visual Sports Systems 

Visual Sports Systems Inc offer a high-end entertainment and training experience by combining industry-leading technology simulation with the only multi-sport capability on the market. Launched in 2000, Visual Sports provides a full range of golf and interactive multi-sport simulators that provide precision gameplay and excitement for any space or venue. An in-house team of engineers and designers have combined patented cutting-edge tracking technology with next generation software. The result is games that are played with real equipment, featuring incredible precision and lifelike gameplay. The thirteen in one system allows for multi-sport capability including games such as golf, baseball, hockey, football, soccer and more.

For more information about Visual Sports Systems, please visit http://www.visualsportssys.com/


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