“The product is amazing – I wish I’d had it years ago”

POWELL, Ohio – Designed by Arthur Hills and opened in 2004, the Kinsale club sits just outside the golf hotbed of Columbus, Ohio. Part of a successful upmarket real estate development, Kinsale is one of the most successful family-oriented clubs in the area, and, under the watchful eye of superintendent Rob Fisher since 2016, the course has gone from strength to strength.

A key part of the attraction of Capillary Bunkers was that it was possible for Fisher and his team to install it themselves, without hiring an external contractor. And, for the last three years, that’s exactly what they have been doing.

“We have been going round the bunkers, pulling out the sand, the gravel and the drainage, reshaping them and putting in the Capillary Bunkers product,” he explains. “My assistant and I have done most of the heavy construction with the backhoe, and we take three people off our mowing crew two days a week, and they do the rest, including installing new bunker sand, by hand. Our goal is to do them all.”

“The product is unbelievable. In this day and age, everyone is trying to save a dollar here and there, but when the ownership saw how the product works, it was a no-brainer for them – they wanted it done, no matter what the product cost. The new bunkers look great. 

“Three years on, the first ones we did look as though they are brand new. When there is rain, the crew hardly has to rake them. The product is amazing. I wish I’d had it many years ago. After a hard rain, the crew’s heads are down, they know they have to go out and shovel sand. But with this product, they don’t have to.”

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