The way people buy golf equipment is changing

SYCAMORE, Ill. (Oct. 7, 2019) – Here In Sycamore, Illinois, a tiny western suburb of Chicago, a revolution is underway as the way people buy golf equipment is changing.

Sub 70 Golf is a direct-to-consumer equipment company that offers competitive, quality custom-built clubs at a fraction of the price of big companies with a level of customer service not seen in the industry.

If that sounds like a boast or too good to be true, consider this: Sub 70, which opened for business in January 2019, sold out of two of the four models of irons it offers in less than six months. Needless to say, the rush was unexpected because consumer demand happened without advertising or a major media campaign.

Golfers are a worldwide community and they talk to each other, especially about their golf equipment. If they see someone playing well, they look to see what’s in the bag. And in increasing numbers, golfers pay attention to the websites that test equipment, like My Golf Spy, GolfWRX and Golf Unfiltered. Those sites have universally tested Sub 70 clubs with high marks.

Sub 70 features a full line of equipment, from driver to putters, all manufactured with the highest quality materials and strictest tolerances. And the designs are clean, precise and rival those of the biggest manufacturers.

“If the products weren’t as good as major OEM companies, the project wouldn’t be worth doing,” says Jason Hiland, Sub 70’s founder and CEO. “I was pretty confident that when we launched, we had products that could compete but it took a lot of ideas and a lot of adjusting. I had a lot of help from the guys I knew overseas to put together the pieces of the puzzle. That’s why this took three years to be launched.”

The 639 MB, a muscleback iron, and the 639 CB, a cavity-back, are both beautiful hand-crafted forged clubs, milled from DT-4 stainless steel. The 699 is a two-piece, hollow iron that fits nicely into the players distance category. And the 739 irons have the feel of a players’ club with the forgiveness of a game improvement iron.

The 839-D driver uses the most expensive and most performance driven manufacturing techniques available. And the fairway woods and hybrids are made from high-grade 455 Carpenter steel. Sub 70’s wedges are forged and precision CNC milled, as are each of the three putters in the Sub 70 line.

But that’s only part of the Sub 70 story. Hiland created Sub 70 with the idea that avid golfers should know who builds their clubs. Every club that goes out the door in Sycamore is custom-built by a master club builder. And every Sub 70 customer can talk to his club builder to make certain the clubs are exactly as he wants them. There is a custom-fitting gadget on Sub 70’s website or customers can be custom fit by a third party and send the player’s specs to Sub 70 builders.

All of which makes Sub 70’s pricing even more of a value. The company’s clubs sell to the public for about half the price of the big OEMs. And Sub 70 has an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.

“Golf equipment has never been better or more consistent,” Hiland says. “There are so many options out there for people. Our customers are pretty golf-educated.

“I’ll never sell something to somebody just to sell it. I want to make sure it works for them and they’re happy with it and that it helps them with their golf game.”



639 CB — A players’ forged cavity-back iron that offers a degree of forgiveness, while maintaining workability and distance.

639 MB – A forged muscleback blade that’s designed for precise contact and extreme workability.

630 MB+ – A forged muscleback blade with a longer heel-toe profile and slightly more offset…a perfect option for someone who prefers a thin topline and maximum workability while providing some forgiveness.

699 – A hollow body iron that features a players’ profile and higher ball speeds.

739 – A game-improvement iron with distance and forgiveness along with a players’ feel. 


839D – A classic look that is the most forgiving but workable driver on the market, which is completely adjustable.


Pro Fairway – Provides optimal launch and distance while maintaining workability.

939X – Hosel adjustability and dual weight ports contribute to low-spin, mid-trajectory shots.

939X Hybrid – Like the 939X fairway wood, the hosel on this hybrid is adjustable to go along with weight ports to dial in shot shape and distance.


The faces of the Sub 70 forged wedges are CNC milled for maximum spin and control. They come in Satin, Black and Raw.


Each of the Sub 70 putters are CNC milled from a solid block of steel and the faces and double milled, which provides a perfect Tour roll. The 001 is a blade, the 002 is a mid-mallet and the 003 is a mallet.

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