Online shoppers will have a chance to win a full swing kit launch monitor and buy indoor/outdoor equipment at discounted prices

CELINA, Texas  — The Indoor Golf Shop, home to the largest selection of residential and commercial indoor golf equipment online, celebrates Masters Week and the 2023 Season Opener with an exciting week filled with giveaways and special discounts on some of their most popular items. 

Visitors to the online store,, can register to win a Full Swing KIT launch monitor, a portable device that tracks 16 points of club and ball data with its patented radar technology, valued at $4,999. 

In addition to this grand prize, other items like apparel, golf accessories, hitting mats, and golf ball packs will be awarded to the company’s email subscribers, social media followers, and other customers throughout the week’s festivities.

Shoppers will also have a chance to take advantage of special pricing on certain items that are perfect for golf practice and indoor/outdoor training. The promotions will begin Sunday, April 2 and run through Sunday, April 9. 

The following list of products will be part of the special week of promotions:

  • $200 Off – “Tap In” SIGPRO Putting Green: As part of the new collection of high-end, and true-roll SIGPRO Putting Greens designed for indoor and outdoor use, the “Tap In” is an oval shaped green with two putting cups that measures 11-feet 9-inches in length and 3-feet 11-inches in width. The Tap In comes as a pack of 12 interlocking, high-impact polymer plastic tiles to assemble, along with premium putting turf and is priced at $999.99 after the discount.
  • $150 Off – SIGPRO Golf Net: Engineered for easy assembly in minutes with a snap-button frame system, the SIGPRO Golf Net expands to a height of 7 feet, a width of 8 1/2 feet, and with the two-side barrier protective nets, a depth of 9 feet. Finished with a high-quality powder coating, the SIGPRO Golf Net is suited for long-lasting use both indoors and outdoors, and is priced at $549.99 after the discount. 
  • 12% Off – SIGPRO Premium Impact Screen: Rated as the “Best Golf Simulator Screen” by MyGolfSpy, the SIGPRO Premium Screen is constructed of a unique three-layer design that outperforms all other golf simulator screens with superior image quality, overall durability and longevity, reduced noise at impact, and minimal bounce-back and sag. The screen is available in a variety of size and aspect ratio combinations. 
  • 12% Off – SIGPRO Softy Hitting Mat: A golf mat that truly has it all, the SIGPRO Softy features a proprietary blend of tee line turf that allows a golfer to use a real tee and also gives the realistic feel of turf/ground impact with iron and wedge shots. The SIGPRO Softy, measuring 4-feet wide by 10-feet long, is offered at this discounted price of $968. 
  • 12% Off – SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip: As part of the aforementioned hitting mat, the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip is a replaceable insert that is the game’s most realistic and forgiving synthetic turf for golfers wanting better feel and feedback without soreness and joint pain. This insert can be used in the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Mats as well as for do-it-yourself types who have built their own golf simulator studio and subfloor. The discounted price of this Hitting Strip is $176.
  • 10% Off – Flightscope Mevo+ 2023 Launch Monitor: The popular doppler radar-based and portable Mevo+2023 launch monitor features upgrades from the prior version like 20 data parameters, larger and more stable kickstand, longer battery life, and unique and affordable software options like Pro Package and Face Impact Location. Special pricing for this item will start April 1 and end April 17, at the low price of $1,980.  
  • 25% Off – Flightscope Mevo Launch Monitor: Using 3D doppler radar technology, the Mevo includes 8 data parameters, a customizable phone and tablet app for video clipping and storage, data overlay and real-time performance tracking. The discounted Mevo can be purchased for $374 during the special promotional period of April 1-17.
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