NEW YORK CITY – HYPEBEAST, a leading global platform in contemporary culture and lifestyle, will open its first-ever HYPEGOLF Clubhouse pop-up store on 27 Mercer Street, New York on May 14.

Serving as a place of discovery for the game of golf through a modern and cultural lens, the space will feature the HYPEGOLF collection, a diverse assortment of apparel and accessories from a unique curation of golf brands, as well as programming and activations within the HYPEGOLF arena. 

Through July 21, the HYPEGOLF Clubhouse pop-up will open its doors to showcase the latest fashion and essentials from the growing intersection of streetwear and golf. Situated in the heart of SoHo on Mercer Street, with neighboring stores like Stadium Goods, Billionaire Boys Club, Palace Skateboards, the location represents an eclectic mix of streetwear culture that is well-suited to HYPEGOLF and its community. 

The pop-up is distinctively divided into three areas – a surreal landscape and apparel installation inside a minimalist glass box to encapsulate an infinite playing field, a contrasting perimeter of wood displays and natural-embracing furniture for a more casual social environment, and a golf simulator at the stretch of the store for an immersive golf experience. 

Housing an assortment of coveted golf gear of close to 20 top sportswear brands and lifestyle offerings, such as Malbon Golf, Metalwood Studio, Bogey Boys and more, the space is also a retail platform for emerging golf brands that have yet a physical presence in New York an opportunity to showcase all facets of golf. During after hours, the HYPEGOLF Clubhouse experience re-imagines traditional retail with a strong line up of programming and activations, which includes HYPETALK panel discussions, golf lessons, a Trackman simulator built and provided by Five Iron, and viewing parties among other activities. 

Amidst the confinement of the pandemic, the need for expansion, simulation, and nature gave rise to golf as an apropos social activity. In designing the HYPEGOLF Clubhouse, these core desires of global cultural context became the conceptual and aesthetic theme. A surreal landscape and apparel installation encapsulates an infinite playing field inside a minimalist black glass box. Across the deep stretch of the store, perimeter wood display units establish an architectural rhythm, interjected by matte black display units that  section off a contrasting social environment for more casual visitors. Angular geometry and natural-embracing material usage provide anchors to the mix of displays and furniture. Display units integrate abstracted newspaper-print photography turning the store environment into an experiential moodboard.

In celebration of the Clubhouse pop-up launch, HYPEGOLF unveils an exclusive 9-piece unisex collection. The collection takes inspiration from the HYPEBEAST Country Club hosted at La Quinta earlier in April, and spotlights the growing influence of streetwear, fashion and youth culture to usher in a new era of the sport. The capsule collection consists of apparel such as a playful white T-shirt that comes in both green or black polka dot print, official HYPEGOLF-embroidered polo shirts in black or white, coinciding golf shorts in various colors and more.  The collection also features on-course essentials, which includes a black cap, and a golf bucket hat in black or white colors both embroidered with the HYPEGOLF logo.

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