Forty percent of buyers in 2020 now plan to live “outside” the gates of a golf community and become a non-resident member 

NAPLES, Florida (Aug. 31, 2020) – Golf Life Navigators (GLN), the world’s only virtual marketplace for consumer-to-club connections – has just released their 2020 GLN Buyers Trend Report, showing three years of buyer sentiment toward an ideal golf and club community in the sunbelt.

Over the span of 36 months, the ProGuide3 questionnaire has been used by over 25,000 consumers who plan to transition into snow-bird life in the southern United States. Each year, the total number of questionnaires completed by buyers provides thousands of data points for club officials to study, interpret and use as a strategic planning asset ahead of their next club season.

GLN officials gave notice to a particular trend that 40% of buyers in 2020 now plan to live “outside” the gates of a golf community and become a non-resident member. This trend is down from 48% in 2019.

“I was pleased to see the trend of buyers seeking to live outside community gates going in the other direction,” says Jason Becker, CEO of GLN. “We know how important capture rate is to clubs as they need residents who are full golf members and use the club’s other amenities daily. Our sense is this trend may have ties to Covid-19 with an increased demand to live in a safe and secure environment.”

“With 634 doors in our golf community, we work vigorously to maintain 76% of the total residents as golf members,” says Ryan Cozzetto, CEO of Wyndemere Country Club in Naples, Florida. “Resident golf members are key to ensuring the club has the appropriate resources available to successfully execute our mission of providing exceptional services and amenities. This not only drives club operating revenues but also defines our club culture and has proven to be a differentiator in a highly competitive Naples market.”

A few additional trends club officials will find within the report:

  • 83% of buyers said, “the friendly culture of the club” is what is motivating them to find their ideal club community in the sunbelt.
  • 62% of buyers said, they are seeking a club community for enhancement of “quality of life.”
  • 41% of buyers said, they are now considering a home in the sunbelt to “escape large city life” and “large populations of people” due to Covid-19.

To request a complete copy of the 2020 GLN Buyers Trend Report, please send an email to Dylan Smith, Director of Sales at Golf Life Navigators. or call (800) 447-8707. 

About Golf Life Navigators

Based in South Florida with active presence across the U.S., GLN efficiently eases the process of determining the precise golf and country club membership choices for golfers looking to retire, relocate or engage in the “snowbird” life.  Created in 2014 by grass-root PGA Professionals, club managers and membership directors, GLN guides discerning golfers, club seekers and property buyers through an in-depth analysis and insights befitting their unique lifestyle desires and budgets.  The company has two complimentary organizations:  Golf Life Properties, the in-house real-estate brokerage specializing in golf course homes and real estate communities, and Golf Life Analytics, owner of an immense catalog of golf club and community data. More information:

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