Industry-leading independent research firm produces biannual ‘Serious Golfer’ equipment study that has become go-to resource 

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (Oct. 11, 2019) – Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, recently unveiled the 2019 Summer Golf Product Attitude and Usage (GPAU) Study.

A biannual study, and the 40th edition produced by Golf Datatech, the “Serious Golfer” research report has become an in-demand resource for the golf marketing community over the past 20 years. 

“The GPAU is the definitive marker analyzing the attitudes and opinions of Serious Golfers about their planned golf purchases, and where they plan to buy them,” said John Krzynowek, Partner, Golf Datatech, LLC. “It defines where golfers shop, and for which products, in each retail channel. The GPAU establishes a road map for where marketing dollars should be directed, and the 20-year trending of these 40 biannual reports is unmatched in golf marketing.”

Regarding golf media, “while the American media landscape is changing rapidly, moving from traditional print and television to digital and streaming, Serious Golfers are moving a little slower in that direction. Despite being digitally savvy, they still utilize many of the traditional means to gather their golf information.”

According to Krzynowek, “Specific to golf media, while the streaming of golf content increased substantially a few years ago, it has been in a holding pattern since. Serious Golfers, because of their age and lifestyle, aren’t as likely to use streaming, they’re more likely to watch a tournament live, DVR it, or watch a replay than they are to stream it on a digital device.”

Pertaining to golf balls, Krzynowek states,, “where golf balls are purchased continues to evolve.  By having 40 waves of data over 20 years, Golf Datatech is in a unique position to document and analyze the shifts in where people buy their golf equipment, and golf balls in particular. 

“While the Green Grass channel still remains the most significant, by far, over the past few years we’ve seen the advancement of Amazon and other online retailers as significant players.  The GPAU data provides context and perspective to understand these changes in consumer behavior.”

The 2019 GPAU Study also provides comprehensive research on golf clubs, including separate and in depth analysis of drivers, fairways, hybrids, iron sets, wedges and putters. One of the most important facets of the Club GPAU is an understanding of which product categories golfers are considering buying in the upcoming year. 

“The information we provide on golf clubs is a great asset to manufacturers in forecasting their new product roll outs, and this most recent iteration suggests Serious Golfers have many good reasons to buy new irons in 2020.”

Krzynowek concludes, “The Summer 2019 edition of the GPAU represents the 40th time in 20 years Golf Datatech has collected and analyzed the attitudes and opinions of Serious Golfers about their golf equipment, where they plan to buy it, along with what they read, watch, stream, which websites they use, and provide insights into their opinions about the various brands.  

“These insights are compiled so brands, big and small, can understand their position in the marketplace and to help them frame their marketing messages and maximize the return on their marketing dollars.”

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